Welcome to Breathe week

BREATHE – to take air, oxygen, etc., inhale and exhale; to pause, as for breath; take rest:

(Each week we concentrate on one of our Habits. Last week took on Grieve, this week we Breathe and next week we Inspire!)


Seeking Inspiration


  “You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find you eternity in each moment …. there is no other life than this. ~ Henry David Thoreau What makes you light up? What brings great enthusiasm and a resounding “Yes!!” Whether it’s the arts or books or teachers or community or sports… Read more


Don’t be Inspirational

10174838_10152467380581687_6333260042009671224_n (1)

Welcome to Inspire Week! INSPIRE – fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. You may know that I have recently taken up painting, which means I’m constantly scouring the pages of pinterest for images that inspire me. This is also the reason I chose this… Read more


Speaking of Breathe

speaking of Breathe

  Each week on Saturday I’ve been hosting a weekly series in which I share posts from other sites on our weekly theme. This week, in honor of the “rest” part of our Breathe theme, I’ve decided to take the week off. I’m still interested in collecting your posts and ideas on our topic but… Read more


Crap!! It is Friday!!

"Take A Breath" by Cassie Hartwell

Crap!! It is Friday!! Take a breath, Linda, you forgot. It isn’t the end of the world and if I write quickly enough I can have it in her hands lickety, split. You see today is Friday, my turn at Bliss Habits. I just received an e-mail asking where my contribution was. S**t, I can’t… Read more


A Good Day To Breathe

Breathing Opens Up A World Of Choice

  Sunday was a good day to breathe, the step back, chill out, don’t do anything drastic and take a larger perspective kind of breaths. Being honest though, breathing was not my first reaction after being shut down for the third time in as many days and feeling deflated. Stewing followed by a bit of… Read more


Swimmers in this pool of breath


There is nothing more magical and mundane than breath. And when you breathe, you dance with this energy. Every day, every moment. In a short book I offered a few years ago, I wrote about breath and Being Breath. I introduced two aspects of breath – this immediate breath and the timeless breath. “This is… Read more