Welcome to Enchant Week!

ENCHANT – to delight to a high degree:to impart a magic quality or effect to.

Each week we cover one of our habits. Last week was all about SURRENDER and this week we ENCHANT.


See life through new eyes

"Through Her Eyes" by Meredith O'Neal

  Soon I will be a grandma. I can hardly wait to look into that little one’s eyes and say what I say to every newish baby I meet- “Welcome to the world, little one. I bet you have big plans.” Smiling! Each and every time that little one smiles at me with a knowing… Read more


The Magic Begins Within


  Christmas had an extra dash of magic when my nephew J was a young whippersnapper. Near hidden in the branches of the tree would be an elf sitting close to the trunk. And never in the same spot twice! Elf would call out to J and his eyes would grow wide peering into the… Read more


Sources of Enchantment

​The enchantment that something as simple as my daughter's feet brings...

In researching for this post, I came across countless quotes, poems, and photos – my own and those of others. Throughout the process, I became deeply enchanted with the thoughts and feelings that were arising. Looking up and around at my world after interacting with these made me breathe easier…and see what I was seeing… Read more


“The enchanted day is only enchanted if we ourselves believe that anything is possible.”*

photo © ces

*Title quote by Mark Donnelly In my experience, when something is enchanted, it brings surprises and delights, and maybe even a bit of whimsy. I think of wizards and magicians, fairies and sprites; their playful if sometimes frightening and mysterious magic. Perhaps I’ve read too many fairy tales, but I keep going back to them… Read more


The most wonderful thing anyone could hope for

"Enchanting" by Tamara Magnitsky

  Welcome to Enchant Week! I am super excited for this week. ENCHANT – to delight to a high degree:to impart a magic quality or effect to. “To delight to a high degree” is about the most wonderful thing anyone could hope for and isn’t this just the perfect season for doing so? I know… Read more


The allowance for whatever shows up

"Let it Go" by Danielle Daniel

  The best moments I have had are when I surrender to the moment. They are those times when I am fully immersed in the moment. Often, I have had to consciously set aside my fears and/or my thoughts in order to do that and when I do time stops briefly. I find myself resting,… Read more