Welcome to ENCOURGE week

ENCOURAGE – give support, confidence, or hope to [someone].

Each week we delve into one of our Bliss Habits. Last week was about Beginning, this week we Encourage and next week is all about Learning.


The Gift of Encouragement

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I’ve been ruminating on this topic for several days. Encourage. In courage. In – coeur (heart) – age (state of). State of being in the heart. “Courage” is a bold word. The image that comes to mind is a gathering of forces, a forging ahead no matter what. Although one often draws the strength and… Read more


Rays of Encouragement

"Ferris Wheel Encouragement"  by Tamara Magnitsky

Welcome to Encouragement Week! Whether it is for boosting courage on the Ferris Wheel, which Tamara’s daughter required, or a held hand a times of great sadness, or a welcoming nod to a stranger as they enter your shop, encouragement does both the giver and receiver good. January, mentioned this fact to me and I… Read more


Speaking of Beginning – what will you start?

Speaking of Begining

Welcome to the Blog Party!  This week our topic is BEGIN. BEGIN – to begin or set out, as on a journey or activity. commence; start. This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic! How to begin, new beginnings, how to start again after failure, what it means, how you did… Read more


You can choose to begin again


  Begin, dear ones, to see yourselves as the creators you are. If you can allow yourself to step out of judgment, then you can look back and see what you have created, without regret. You will know that everything was merely a step towards where you are now. Each moment you chose and chose… Read more


You Can’t Fail Being You

Begin With Being Yourself

  As a kid, arriving home from the annual shopping trip for school clothes was filled with excitement. I would dig through all the bags to find the box holding the new runners. They couldn’t get laced and put on fast enough. Back and forth across the house I ran, faster with each pass as… Read more


Don’t Begin, Breathe.

Blog_2013-09-14 09.34.22_WalkingBegin

Such a simple little word. Such a deceptively easy concept. “Begin“. Do you remember the anxiety over that word, though, when you heard it at the start of timed test at grade school? What about the guilt when you see it masked in enthusiastic terms (“Just Do It!”) … and you know that you haven’t… Read more