Welcome to the Month of Living Hapfully!

HAPFULL - Overflowing with the joy of being alive!

(Note: The Hapfull fun will continue throughout August and we will be introducing a new collection of Bliss Habits starting in September.)


7 Things that Bring Me Joy This Morning


[Autumn's post from yesterday, "8 things that make me happy" reminded me of this oldie but goodie of mine! Note: Originally published in 2011 -- still rings true today!] This week at Bliss Habits we have been concentrating on ways to bring more joy into our lives. Today I’m going in a little different direction… Read more


8 things that make me happy!


Let’s face it: Happiness is subjective. It’s measured by the amount of pleasure, engagement, and meaning in our lives. This positive emotion is an essential building block of what makes life worthwhile. But why do we struggle so much to attain happiness? I’ll let you in on a little secret: We struggle to attain it… Read more


Open your heart and invite the Hapfullness in!

Celebrate the Day by Tamara Magnitsky

Happy happy HAPFULL month everyone! HAPFULL – Overflowing with the joy of being alive! I’m sure you have noticed the slowdown around here. Instead of our nearly daily posts on the blog we’re down to an occasional pace. I hadn’t necessarily planned such a slowdown but summer has infected my every cell and I decided… Read more


How to be a magnet of light and love

happy little tree girl by agorables

  There was a young woman who loved to laugh and when she laughed all around her couldn’t help but laugh with her. Everyone longed to be around her and delight in her delight of life. Everything and everyone that caught her eye made her smile and giggle. She could see what and who everyone… Read more


When Hapfull Runneth Over

The Lighter Side Of Life

  Passing a student driver in the city on our way to an appointment last Saturday sparked a discussion about the good ole days of learning to drive. The difference in comfort level and skills is astounding compared against my harrowing very first class experience trying to navigate an expressway. Almost weekly I still marvel… Read more


Chel’s (personal) Bliss Habits

photo by RunPhot

Welcome to Tuesdays with Chel. This week Chel is off in the wilds of her own Hapfullness so we are revisiting a favorite post. At the end of August we will be picking the next 13 Bliss Habits, Do you want to see one of Chel’s make the list? Do you have one of your own… Read more