Welcome to Savor week

SAVOR – taste and enjoy it completely.

(Each week we concentrate on one of our Habits. Last week took on Inspire, this week we Savor and next week we Laugh!)


Feast Upon Life

Feast Upon Life

  Must admit being a little crushed last Friday. We don’t go into the city that often or have time to spare for non-essentials on the errand run. Even with all the stars aligning to stop in, we spent far too much time justifying the indulgence in our favourite burger. The car seemed to make… Read more


Will you taste the exquisiteness of this moment?


Is it a luxury to be able to savor this moment? These days, it would often seem so. To slow down over a fine dinner or to spend a long afternoon soaking in delights of nature – to have moments like these that seem worthy of savoring feels out of reach. There are bills to… Read more


How to Live in Technicolor

painting (in process) © ces

  What are you doing… right now? (Besides reading this, of course) Are you multi-tasking? Where is your attention, really. Are you planning your day? your week? Replaying old “woulda, coulda, shoulda been” stories? Just. Stop. Because, perhaps there is much you are not experiencing that is happening Right. Now. Drop into this moment. Savor… Read more


Awake in precious moments


  Ahhh, isn’t that first taste of coffee or tea divine? I don’t know about you, but I barely need the rest of the cup when I take my time and enjoy that first sip.  When we take the time, and really slow down to take the moment all in, the quality of our experience… Read more


Speaking of Inspire – Share your Inspiration here

Speaking of Inspire

  Welcome to the Blog Party! This week our topic is Inspire. INSPIRE – fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic. How to inspire yourself or others, places to go that inspire you,… Read more


What if you fall in love with your planet?


  Today I am inspired by the blue sky after a cleansing rain and wind. Nature doesn’t think about what to do or how to be. It simply responds to the energies. And I am hearing that we are a large part of the energies that affect her. Planet earth is not separate from you…. Read more