Welcome to Community Week Week!

This year we are celebrating 52 Weeks of Bliss! We've packed the schedule with 52 distinct explorations designed to have you expand your capacity for Bliss! This week we are concentrating on community.

COMMUNITY – Sharing, participation, and fellowship.

Last week was all about INQUIRY and next week we try on ROMANCE.


They may still think that you are weird but…

Two Tier Society Limited Edition Giclee print depicting two strands of society, one weird, one strange. They compete for the Jollity award.   by David Elliott

  Community is a coming together of people who benefit by being together. The benefits are not always the same. That is because you are not all the same. But, when you feel like you will benefit by being within a community you will do all sorts of things in order to contract yourself in… Read more


Richer and more delicious for having you here!

Community by Tamara Magnitsky

Ah, community! COMMUNITY – Sharing, participation, and fellowship. Truly makes the world go round doesn’t it?! Tamara shares a peek into her daughter’s school community and hubby joining in the fun in the photo above and then again her hubby is having the same sort of fun in a newly formed community of the moment… Read more


Curious minds forget that you already know

Curiosity, By artist Deardre Johnstone

Curious minds want to know. Curious minds forget that we already know. At least that is what The Group is telling me. “So guys, what do you mean by this?” You are a part of everything. You were born a part of everything and being a part of everything means that you know stuff! Now… Read more


Inquiry into the dark, uncomfortable, contemptible and messy – where Bliss lives!

Untold Sorrow "If I Could Take It Back I Would" by AlteredHead (click image for details)

“Everything is a gift of the universe – even joy, anger, jealously, frustration, or separateness. Everything is perfect either for our growth or our enjoyment.”                      ~Ken Keyes Jr Around here I tend to focus on the positive. “Cultivating delight,” the tag line of this blog… Read more


Finding the ease that creates magic


    Creating serenity in my life isn’t always easy. Serenity is created within as much as it is about finding it outside of myself. These past few days, serenity is missing in action. I am feeling a mixed bag of emotions all at the same time. I met my new granddaughter for the first… Read more


Just enough serenity

Serenity by Tamara Magnitsky

Ahhh Serenity! This week is always a breath of fresh air. Tamara finds us a pool of water in which to gaze. January pauses to enjoy:   Peace on a Sunday by January Handl When I move away from techno-hub bub and toward the vast varieties of greens, blues and browns in the natural world… Read more