Have you ever enjoyed a moment of pure bliss?

An ideal moment that seemingly defies time and space.

A moment so perfect your heart and soul sing with gratitude for the chance to experience it?

Would you like to experience more? Then you are in the right place! Welcome to Bliss Habits where we explore, experiment and cultivate bliss. Please join us if you want to make bliss your habit!


Inviting an Ocean of Possibility with Trust

"Trust" by Tamara Magnitsky

Tamara explains her photo. “It’s Sparkle, one of the feral cats. He’s the only one who climbs up on the porch chair to look in the window. I always feed them first thing each morning. He is always there looking in the window at me expectantly, trusting I am on my way, any minute now… Read more


Such a small thing…


  Welcome to Kindness week! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this week. So simple and so profound, kindness has a way of changing and fortifying lives. One of it’s wonders is the ability to transform both the giver and receiver. January shares this brilliantly in these two poems:   Gratitude for the Sun by January Handl… Read more


10 reasons I Love Hawaii

IMG_20120629_190047 (1)

As most of you already know, I have been given the incredible gift of a five week stay in Hawaii. We think we may like to live here, at some point in the future, so this is a test run of sorts. Would we get “island fever” and/or is paradise too good to be true?… Read more


Breathe deep and let go!


  I’m always so amused when the Bliss Habit shows up at just the perfect time! Today we have “Surrender Week” and what is it that I need to learn? Well, you guessed it! As many of you know I am just off the heels of a family vacation in which I completely unplugged from… Read more


What does cherish mean to you?

"Cherish" by Kelly Stribling Sutherland

What does cherish mean to you? Really, that is what The Group wants you to muse upon because as they tell it to me, life is to be cherished. Each and every moment that you breathe can be cherished. And we get to choose how much of that we manage to do. We know how… Read more


Cherish this rare treasure


Welcome to Cherish week!   Welcome to Cherish Week! CHERISH – to keep or cultivate with care and affection. What has us Cherish something? Tamara shares: “My cherish image this week is a ceramic lion cub that my mother bought for me when I was 10 years old. It was the late 70’s in rural… Read more