100 days of Humility – The Humility Imperative

"White Flowers" by Seth B. Minken

AS most of you probably know by now, each week I conduct a little topical internet tour as my Bliss Habit’s weeks are approaching. It is the way I get myself “in the mood” for the upcoming habit and I hope for some inspiration or a timely tidbit that will make a difference for me or for you my dear readers. This week I found something so terrific I just had to make it the subject of its very own post.

The Humility Imperative is the initiative of Dave Balter, a self proclaimed reformed egoist who got the idea based on the outpouring of gratitude he received to his Inc. Magazine article, about the pitfalls of letting your ego run the show and the benefits of letting humility be in charge. Every business man and entrepreneur should read that article, but what excites me about the whole thing is his response to create 100 Days of Humility as “a mashup of business and art, with the sole purpose of spreading the message about the importance of humility in leaders.”

Teaming up with Seth B. Minkin, a very successful artist who has garnered national attention for his paintings from the likes of CBS Sunday Morning, the Pentagon and several magazine publications including Entrepreneur and Fortune, Dave created an experiment to collect stories of humility for 100 days. The project is well under way, and continues to October 28, 2011, so if you have a story you would like to share (They took one of mine! ) do submit it right away. If your submission is deemed fabulous enough, Seth will make a painting about it!

The gallery is filled with original, art, quotes on humility and stories about humility and there is still a month to go. I found myself lost for over an hour in the collection and more is being added all the time! Tomorrow I will be Speaking of Humility* again and promise to share a few tidbits from the collection but do your self a favor and stop by to be inspired today!

And, just because I love a good picture of a pig… here is another of Seth B. Minkin’s whimsies:

Pork Cut Chart by Seth B. Minkin


* “Speaking of …” is my weekly topical bog party, this week  Humility is the topic. So please stop by Saturday to see what humble treasures I have found and add your own.  

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