The comparison: Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Google+

Today I am going to compare and contrast my experiences with my three favorite social networks. I already shared my Facebook addiction with you however recently I’ve developed great affection for both Twitter and Google+. Today I thought I would share why and how I use each of these services and also inquire if and why you do.  Unlike most of my posts, this one will continue to be a work in progress. I plan on adding to my comparison as things occur to me. Please do not be shy about telling me why like/don’t like each of the services. I look forward to creating a comprehensive comparison over time!


All my addiction aside, Facebook has become invaluable to me because of the sheer volume of people who participate on the platform. Virtually all of my friends from all walks of life participate to some degree or another. Every time  someone from high school or some other phase of my life reaches out and connects with me, my life feels richer and more enjoyable. I love reminiscing about our past and sharing what is going on today.  My local friends and I communicate constantly on the  platform and if I want someone to join us at the park, a quick post to Facebook will garner several responses. There is no need to call everyone because I know the word will spread to all our smart phones in seconds.

What I like and what really works on Facebook

  • Instant gratification, post something and within seconds, someone will respond.
  • If someone is following you, you know they are getting access to your posts
  • Word of mouth promotion. If you like what I post and share it with your friends that makes my post more valuable. When you, my trusted friend, share something with me I am more likely to take a look then otherwise.

What I don’t like and what doesn’t work well on Facebook

  • Things you post become old VERY quickly. If someone doesn’t happen to be on Facebook when you post, they can very easily miss what you post.
  • Even if you make your material public, as I have done on the Bliss Habits Facebook Page it is very difficult for people who don’t follow me to find the page.


I am a recent convert to Twitter. I dabbled with it a few times but I am really starting to enjoy the benefits of topic search and get the power of an extended reach when someone with a much larger following then I graciously retweets one of my messages. Recently my blog traffic has doubled due in large part to the generosity of my twitter followers and their tweets on my behalf.

What I like and what really works on Twitter

  • The ability to search for specific content and follow public conversations via the hashtag # feature
  • Quick access to people I haven’t previously met. I can send a message @anyone in the system and start a dialog. I don’t have to wait for them to follow me.
  • The 140 character limit requires succinct communication
  • You can follow people you find interesting even if they never follow you back.

What I don’t like and what doesn’t work well on Twitter

  • The 140 character limit can be annoying when details are required to fully communicate
  • Visually it is very boring
  • A Tweet is lost to to oblivion in the stream very quickly. If one of your followers happens to be on when you post great. If not, it is unlikely they will ever see it.
  • A tweet has a life span of about 20 minutes unless sent specifically @someone


I really like Google+. Perhaps some of my fascination has to do with the fact that my husband is on the service and he has never been on either of the other two, so I enjoy the chance to interact with him in an entirely new way. More likely however is the ability to interact with people outside of my normal sphere of influence is what has me hooked. If you haven’t tried it and would like to do so, let me know and I’ll pass along an invite.

What I like and what really works on Google+

  • The ability to circle anyone and by doing so give them access to my posts
  • The conversational nature of the posting. I can jump in and share my opinion on the posts of people I wouldn’t normally have access to. I’ve made some new friends and have grown my own influence because of this.
  • It looks clean and well organized. Photo sharing is bold and beautiful.

What I don’t like and what doesn’t work well on Google +

  • People can circle me but NEVER look at that part of the stream
  • Organizing all the circles of people in a way that works, and insures I get all the information I want gets complicated as I add more people to my circles.


What do you love/hate about these services?

What should be added to my lists?

What if you could only choose one, which would it be? 

One thought on “The comparison: Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Google+

  1. I for the life of me cannot get used to Google +. Not sure that I actually like it. I know some people think that Facebook is a bit complex, but I like it and have never had problems with it. 🙂 And twitter is quite a fun thing to use – it’s rather user-friendly and you can reach so many people in such a short period of time!

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