5 Ways Order Can Open the Doors for Joy

So happy to have  Lorilee Lippincott of Loving Simple Living here with us today! Last time she was here she helped spread some ripples of Joy with her post 5 Puddles of Joy and today she’s back to show us how Order can help keep the joy flowing!

In addition to her wisdom, Lori has also generously offered to give not one, but THREE lucky readers a copy of her new eBook 321 Stop – stop running and start living!  Let’s get to it, ok?


Greeting the Day with Praise


What is ‘joy’ anyways? I have been thinking about this word more in the last few months. I see joy as being a combination of peace, contentment, and happiness all mixed together. To have joy is to be a calm-excited, to soak in and enjoy life. I think joy is what we are all looking for. Sure we like to be happy and excited but these times come and go, joy is a undercurrent to go with us through the day, even through the bad times. Joy is deep like that.

So how can we facilitate joy?

I wanted to talk about how order can facilitate joy with order. Order can’t create joy by itself, but it can allow it a place to grow and be happy. Here are some areas I have found simple order to benefit my joy:

  1. Spiritual – I want a personal relationship with God and I am totally about a spontaneous relationship but without an order and habit of reading my Bible and praying I know the relationship wouldn’t be as good.
  2. Schedule – Here is a place where order is very easy to see the benefit from. There are only 24 hours in a day and somehow they can get filled up and overflowing very fast. Stressed out and overwhelmed is not a place where joy is held onto easily. Keeping order in my schedule as well as limiting how much gets added makes room for joy.
  3. Relational – similar to spiritual above I want relational joy in my life and it benefits from order. All week I look forward to my date with my husband. We schedule lots of other times together as well and the scheduled/ordered time is what breeds all the spontaneous time as well. The same goes for kids and friends. Leaving order out often leaves this area as only good intentions.
  4. Home – My personal favorite is order in the home. My preferred choice of order is minimalism. Minimalism is getting rid of everything that you don’t love or need. Order is much easier when I only have to deal with those two small groups. There is much more happiness, peace, and joy when I come into a room that is simple and organized or wake up to a house that is in order.
  5. Personal Growth – So often as a woman (and often men, but specifically women) this area is pushed out because of lack of time or energy. However, there is so much joy to be found in doing and growing in areas that I love. I have found I need to order time around these things to make sure they happen. When I can work on something that I love I have joy.

With this theme of joy I would like to give away 3 copies of my brand new book 321 Stop – stop running and start living. I wrote this book all about creating order in our lives so we can have space for what is important. This book will teach you how to find order in your home, schedule, money, healthy, and head. When we clean out what isn’t loved or needed we find we have room and time for what is important.

How to enter: comment on this post 🙂 Simple right? The book is available in several electronic formats as well as print. The free copies will be in a pdf format.

How about you? How do you see order facilitating joy in your life?


Thank you so much Lori! I resist but know in my heart that Order is a path to Joy and Bliss. Thank you for the great reminder of it’s gifts.

Now on to the giveaway!

3 2 1 Stop — stop running and start living

3-2-1 Stop is a how-to memoir of learning to love simple living. Lorilee uses personal stories, as well as tips learned along the way, showing how to create a life that makes space for what is most important. Embracing minimalism, she tackles and teaches how to make the hard decisions of simplify the home as well as the schedule. She understands that a full life, really doesn’t need to be that ‘full’ at all. Beyond that, Lorilee addresses the hidden emotional hoarding that keeps our souls running.

3-2-1 Stop is comical, practical, and refreshing. Take a step back, step off the track for a few minutes and savor the moment.


How to win a PDF copy of this book for yourself!

1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell us, how do you see order facilitating joy in your life?

Bonus Entries:

2. Visit Lorilee on Facebook, and “like” any post you like! Tell me here that you did so. (Big Karma points for subscribing to her feed)

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Winner will be selected at random from all entries received by Friday, June 1, 2012

We have the winners! Congratulations Amy, Carolyn and avisannschild!

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Good Luck!!

9 thoughts on “5 Ways Order Can Open the Doors for Joy

  1. I love this! I can really see how organising things and getting rid of extraneous stuff coul make room for joy! It would free up space and time to be filled with joy making pursuits!

  2. This really speaks to me. I so often let order fall by the wayside, and every time I do, I end up forgetting things, stressed, behind and worried – and often just for want of ten minutes thinking about priorities and diaries.

  3. I think that ORDER is the number one thing I need to get the things out of the way that are preventing my joy. (I know it is there…I feel it…and yet it gets lost in all of these thoughts and clutter hanging around my house.) I love that spirituality is #1 on your list as well – the practice is one that has been calling to me recently. I value the beauty of chaos but know that it’s counterpart must exist and be celebrated as well. Time to start that party!!!

  4. Tweeted, visited her FB (and subscribed, of course!), and have left her a comment on her blog (which I will DEFINITELY be returning to!!). What a fabulous view on life she has!!

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