50 Shades Of Nourish

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I’m not one for spas, vacations – tropical or otherwise – or much of any extravagance to tell the truth.

So to think of nourishing myself typically results in a big blank abyss.

Does that make me an oddball not to desire such things?


Because really, I don’t feel under or malnourished at all.

There are so many little moments, little bubble bursts of joy that fill every day.

The biggies are hard to miss from the sheer sense of awe or expansiveness invoked.

But far too many pass with little more than a fleeting thought or acknowledgement.


What better way then, to bring attention to all those moment and give them the spotlight they deserve for the joy they exude.

Here goes …


Bubbles Of Joy Every Day1. Climbing into bed with freshly laundered sheets.

2. Climbing into bed with freshly laundered flannel sheets.

3. Drying off from a hot shower with freshly laundered towels.

4. Putting on jeans still warm from the dryer.

5. Power-snoozing- at any time of the day.

6. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin.

7. Listening to cats snore.

8. Listening to cats purr.

9. Watching cats dream.

10. Watching cats simply sleep.

11. Playing peek-a-boo with a toddler waiting ahead of me in the check out line.

12. Getting a smile or big hello from a child I pass in the store.

13. Walking through the door of the home building store and breathing in the smell of lumber.

14. Walking down the street and smelling the wafts of smoke from somebody’s fireplace.

15. Breathing in the crisp cool air of a spring or fall morning.

16. Smelling the air after a hard rain.

17. Sitting outside before everyone else is up and being immersed in the stillness.

18. Watching ducklings paddle diligently across the water behind their mama.

19. Watching birds fly the backyards from feeder to feeder or disappearing into their nest box.

20. Watching the baby birds cry out “feed me, feed me” and mom or dad dropping food in their yellow beaks.

21. Watching baby birds peck at something to eat when mom and dad bird have their back turned.

22. Finding deer grazing in the yard in the middle of the night.

23. Listening to the hum of bees in the spring blossoms.

24. Catching the waft of potatoes roasting in the oven.

25. Eating potatoes – of any kind (but will pass on a re-encounter with potato-yam spaghetti sauce)

26. Brushes and scratches with the cats.

27. Waking up to a snuggle request from the cats and have them curl up in my arm.

28. Winding down from work with cat belly rubs.

29. Being pursued relentlessly after supper by a lap-seeking cat.

30. Being greeted every morning with the most sincere, bright eyed “You’re here!” kitty chirp and leg winding.

31. Watching big puffy snowflakes fall while nestled warmly inside.

32. Getting lost in the flames dancing in the fireplace.

33. Listening to the silence on a still summer’s night.

34. Being enveloped by cool air after a hot summer’s day shortly after the sun slips below the horizon.

35. Listening to the air rush under the wings of geese flying overhead.

36. Listening to the laughter and shrieks of kids playing in the park.

37. Being bawled out for more food, or any food, by a hungry cat who was not eating well.

38. Watching a quiet, reserved cat blossom chirp away happily chasing catnip toys and ping pong balls.

39. Being allowed to give the lightest chin scratch to a cat who was too scared of humans before.

40. Hearing a cat purr for the first time ever.

41. Arriving home after a day of running errands in the city.

42. Watching the rolling fields unfold into the foothills and then Rockies on the drive home.

43. Soaking in the textures and contrasts of colour in the fields changing through each season.

44. Cresting the last hill before home and never tiring of the vista.

45. Holding hands watching TV.

46. Having great conversations while washing dishes.

47. Asking questions and exploring.

48. Learning something new.

49. Being witness to someone having an life-changing “ah-ha” moment.

50. Getting lost in stars on a clear summer night (or the winter from inside).

51. Watching a unique sunset every night.

52. Getting my hair washed and a head massage before a hair cut.

53. Taking a few extra moments in a hot shower after some grungy chores.


The list certainly doesn’t end there.

The moments keeping coming, whether near a keyboard or not.

Time is the only consideration for making this a point of rest.


What little moments are bursting bubbles of joy for you?


Update: March 6, 2014

54. Getting into bed after the mattress warmer has been on.

55. Working with a purring cat cradled in my arms.

56. Listening to the cats lap up their wet food and hearing a waterfall.

57. Watching the cats play – alone or with each other.

58. Playing with the cats.

59. Driving on a cold winter’s day with the heated seat on.

60. Driving in traffic and finding myself in a bubble of space.

61. Savouring every bite of my favourite burger.

62. Eating potato soup on a cold day.

63. Putting on streak free, squeaky clean glasses.

64. Waking up having slept in after a really good night’s sleep.

65. Watching a child finally get something and exclaim “I did it, I did it!”

66. Holding babies, especially sleeping ones.

67. Sitting still and silent after a day on the run.

68. Being greeted by the neighbor’s dog like as if I was a long lost friend.

69. Sipping a glass of my favourite red wine after a brain taxing day.

70. Sitting at a clean desk, for the microsecond it is clean.

71. Receiving a plate of rhubarb muffins from my neighbor.

72. Savouring each bit of a rhubarb muffin baked by my neighbor.



Living Bliss is a jump-in-with-both-feet look at where Life bumps into the everyday – whether at work, play or times in between. Bliss knows no separation in the end. From a deeper dive into the ordinary pops forward the extraordinary life we search for – and has been there waiting for us to be.


Lorraine Watson Follow Your Light

Blissed by cats, potatoes and clouds, Lorraine is a “left-brained creative big picture idea” type who never stops questioning or connecting the dots to make real what isn’t yet seen. She uses her knack for combining intuitive abilities and logic to help re-ignite what Lights you up inside and make real “there’s something more”. Lorraine’s deepest wish is for you to be full of yourself in everything you do – a life truly lived in bliss.


8 thoughts on “50 Shades Of Nourish

  1. Kathy says:

    I LOVE this post Lorraine! The simplicity , the joy, the belly rubs! All of it resonated so beautifully. Thank you!

  2. january Handl says:

    Lorraine, what a lovely list of reminders of the everyday miracles surrounding us, how much we have to be grateful for…THANK YOU for this!
    sending love!

  3. Superb! I can SO relate to cats who weren’t trusting of humans at all starting to purr and play like they probably never have in their life and the vista on the road home. I never truly start to breathe after visiting the city until the cars get few and far between and there are mountain views all around.

    Thank you for these wonderful reminders, Lorraine. The everyday certainly is sacred. It was a joy to read.

    • Couldn’t agree more that every day is sacred. Even after a seemingly bad day, spending time with the cats turns everything around. Suddenly there is great clarity about what is important accompanied by a huge sigh of relief.

  4. My Favorites: 14. Walking down the street and smelling the wafts of smoke from somebody’s fireplace. / 15. Breathing in the crisp cool air of a spring or fall morning. / 16. Smelling the air after a hard rain. / 17. Sitting outside before everyone else is up and being immersed in the stillness. (Each of these are so vivid that I can smell, feel, see, and relish the experience!) Seems we’ve all been busy since the good ole days of our Global Mind Shift group! Blessings, Stephanie

    • Hey Stephanie – great to connect up with you here too! Even reading your list of favourites took me right back to that place of lushness again. Always amazed at how easily we can tap back into that place beyond. Out of the GMS group certainly came some long lasting connections I grateful to be part of.

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