7 MORE things that bring me JOY today!

Like the list that came before this one, this is by no means a definitive list. These are just seven of the things that brought me joy today! It is my hope that reading my list will help you to think about the things that are bringing you joy today.

  • These silly crazy cats. It had been 10 years since I’d lost my previous cat (and her brother two years earlier) when we FINALLY got these fuzzy beasts. My Sweetie had been more of a dog guy and with a baby in the house it seemed reasonable to wait “until she was a little older” but somehow that stretched until she was six and melted Dad’s heart with her own cat wishes. Every day we carry on about how great they are and Rob now remarks, “It is just crazy how much joy these cats bring us every day.”

cat collage


  • Painting on GIANT canvases. As some of you know, I took up acrylic painting this summer and have been loving it. I began by doing little 8×10″s then 12×16″s and one 24×30″ which was huge for me. Then I took Flora Bowley’s marvelous Bloom True e-course and I keep going bigger and bigger! I just bought one that is 48×60″. Here is my girl with one of the smaller ones.  🙂



  • Quirky Space Stuff. “After a voyage of nearly nine years and three billion miles —the farthest any space mission has ever traveled to reach its primary target – NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft came out of hibernation today for its long-awaited 2015 encounter with the Pluto system.” and it is carrying the ashes of Clyde Tombaugh, the man who first found it in the sky!

I can not even begin to tell you how happy it makes me that humans do such marvelous unexpected things. We do so many awful things to each other and to our planet yet still, we conceive of and execute 9 year space missions and think to include an astronomers ashes for the journey. (And then there is the story about how 11 year old Venetia Phair got to name pluto!) Space exploration and heck, just looking at the stars, brings me great joy.

  • Taking a vacation with my nose! I’m not a “steal all the soap” kind of gal when I stay at hotels but I do like to take the remainder of my little shampoo and conditioner bottles home with me. Since they are used the hotel would toss them anyway right? Anyway,the smell of those tropical treats transport me back to my vacation and make my own bath feel like a tiny slice of heaven. I’ve also recently purchased a bottle of Dawn “Destinations” dish washing liquid that is inspired by exotic destinations (mine is New Zealand Springs) so I’m actually inspired to get to the dishes.


  • Zillow. I’m totally addicted! Ever since my hubby and I got serious about our intention to move to the Big Island of Hawaii I can’t keep myself off that site. I figure by the time we actually get there (3-5 years is our projection) I will have seen every house on that island. Here is the view from my latest favorite. 🙂



  • My friend Lisa Wilson of Being Breath. We both have blogs and decided that it would be neat to talk with someone who was doing the same. From talking about our blogs to talking about our kids to talking about everything, our weekly google hangouts are the highlight in my week. I can’t even remember when we started doing them and now I just can’t imagine ever giving them/her up. We skipped the past two weeks because of holiday stuff so I’m particularly giddy and looking forward to tomorrow’s chat!


  • Rice Chex. LOL I feel like a commercial for big brands today! Dawn, Zillow and now this! This is how it happened. You see, I wanted to make some gluten free bread crumbs for a dish I was bringing to a party, and thought gluten free chex could do the trick as a base. (Melt some butter in a pan, add a tinch of crushed garlic and a pile of crushed chex, then brown lightly, salt to taste = delicious and workable for what I was doing! Anyway, I digress.) The thing is, I almost NEVER have cereal from a box. I am an egg or fruit sort of breakfast gal so when the rest of that giant box was sitting there and I decided to toss some in a bowl and put some milk on it, I never had an inkling that this too could bring me joy. But it did! I was immediately transported back to my childhood when I guess I did eat cereal from a box. I used to love Rice Chex! And it looks like I still do! 🙂

So, that is my list for today.

I’d love to hear. What would make your list today?

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5 thoughts on “7 MORE things that bring me JOY today!

  1. Cats/no cats. Your cat photos remind me of the joy of all the cats we’ve had over the years (when we married, hubby had two and I had two, and for a long time we replaced any that died.) Now we’re at zero. We might get another, but these days it brings us joy that we can leave food on the kitchen counter while we eat dinner…and other freedoms.

    Stay in/go out. It’s minus 10 Fahrenheit, with a brisk wind. I’m thrilled to be retired; I don’t have to dress up for work, add layers for warmth, and deal with driving and parking and frost on the windshield and frozen fingers. Etc. On the other hand, we drive the grandkids to school every morning and pick them up twice a week, which gets me out of the house and into the real world, however briefly. And that makes me happy.

    Tap dancing. We had class last night after two weeks off. It’s harder for me this year; I’m out of condition and my balance is off. But I’m motivated and I have six months to get stronger and to perfect our routines before recital.

    New possibilities. I’m thinking about taking that same painting class. Just thinking about it is fun.

    • Kathy says:

      You are thinking about Flora’s class too? It is a blast. I highly recommend. I too am out of condition, Tap sounds fun! I keep saying I’m going to get back to yoga. Need to do it soon! I must say I’m not happy to deal with all the cat hair and litter mess but the rest is divine after such a long break. Rob and I are really hoping to make a break to our retirement soon. Being an older mom will keep me in the game. I am completely jealous of the yin and yang of your situation. It has been a treat watching your grand kids grow up with you by their side. I do wish my mom were a bit closer. She only sees Jessie semi annually.

      Thank you so much for stopping by Nancy! It warms my heart to know you are still following Bliss Habits!

  2. Jessica says:

    These two kittens. Ole and Lena. I explained it to my daughter like this. Our very much loved cat, Joon, died suddenly and painfully. He left a hole in my heart. These two did not fill that hole, but my heart became bigger with love for them, so the hole, while still the same size, is a smaller portion of my heart.
    My husband left me blackberries in the fridge for breakfast.
    My house is clean.
    Litlle things, great joy!

    • Kathy says:

      Wish my house was clean! So true. Little things, great joy! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your list! Reminded me that I had some raspberries this morning. They were terrific but forgotten until you mentioned your blackberries. Wonder how much joy I haven’t noticed today?!!

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