9 Small Victories.

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As a former employee of the Department of Defense, I am intimately familiar with federal holidays. During my time in the Equal Employment Opportunity Office, one of my duties was the development of the DOD’s newsletters. These charming little documents were filled with articles pertaining to each holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed creating these puff pieces. But as I researched, wrote, edited, and designed the layout of these things, I realized the celebrations in my life could fit inside a baker’s dozen’s donut box.

How sad is that?

More or less, 13 days of the 365 days in each year where I have a legitimate excuse to cut loose and be cheerful.

Well, what about the other 352 days?

Should they just be overlooked like they’re evil, red-headed stepchildren?

What about celebrating the small stuff?

It seems to me, there are certain intricacies in this life that we all unknowingly celebrate on a daily basis. These small incidents are composed of seemingly inconsequential events, but they instantly put us in a better mood.


Just what are these inconsequential intricacies we celebrate on a daily basis?

1. Making the Yellow Light – Because nothing says party like blazing through that light only to glance in your rearview mirror and see all the cars behind you stopping at the red light.

2. Friday Afternoon – Because nothing says party like lowering your productivity level in anticipation of the 48 hours of freedom that lay ahead.

3. Post-Workout – Because nothing says party like eating a piece of cake after your 30 minutes of Tae Bo.

4. Getting Things Done – Because nothing says party like completing your “to do” list.

5. Scoring a Sale – Because nothing says party like getting a 50% discount on your favorite stuff.

6. Getting the Last Item – Because nothing says party like finding the last item you need sitting on the shelf.

7. Just the Right Amount of Yum – Because nothing says party like tasting the perfect blend of caramel, espresso, and milk in your latte.

8. Favorite Song Playing on the Radio – Because nothing says party like knowing all the lyrics to “1999”.

9. Getting the Last Word in – Because nothing says party like winning an argument.


Autumn Tompkins is the head sass-master at ink well copy. She is a skilled copywriter who creates dynamic copy that captures her clients’ expert voices and generates genuine sales, turning maybe’s into most definitely’s.

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