A knowing that just jumps in

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

“Knowing” by Lisa Marie Hunter


How many of you have heard these two words before? Inspired action.

What exactly is inspired action and why should you take it?

Inspired action is when you have a sudden whim or urge to do something out of the ordinary or to take a next step that you might not have taken next. It has nothing to do with logic or what is “right” or “wrong” from other people’s points of view.

Some people make think that you are crazy for taking such a step or doing such a thing. They may think it isn’t safe or it isn’t logical and they only think that because it isn’t their inspired action. So, pay no heed to the naysayers!

You inspired action is yours alone. When you receive it you are tuned and tapped in to something greater than you-the universe.

The universe has all sorts of answers for us if we are asking questions of it. What answer are you looking for? Maybe it isn’t an answer per se, maybe it is a knowing-which I think are far better. A knowing just jumps in and you just know-awww-that is what I was asking for.

Sometimes it is as simple as a gentle musing about something that really doesn’t matter to you if you get an answer to your musing. In my experience those are the ones that show up lickety split and I believe they do because we are in a gentle place of allowing. Boom-there it is-right in front of you delivered to your inbox, your Google search, to your answering the phone and sometimes you even forgot you wanted to know!

The universe has a sense of humor.

More often than not-up until whenever it changes for you-it takes a bit before it shows up. That, in my humble opinion is because we are too invested in an answer! Inquiring minds want to know and we want to know now! How else can we make the “right” decision?

What if the “right” decision is just around the corner awaiting your gentle invitation in? What if the universe has your back?

I believe it does and I also believe that there is some preparatory work that we can do.

We can ease up on ourselves! We can stop judging ourselves for where we are and how we got there. We can understand that we do the best we can given where we are and as soon as we allow ourselves to be more allowing of ourselves, then the universe can easily show us the next step on our journey.

We don’t have to rail at it! It will gently laugh like a well rested, loving mother of temper tantrum throwing toddler might. It knows that you are still trying to figure it out.

What if there was no figuring out to do? What if you could just stop doing what you have always done that doesn’t work and try some inspired action instead.

Ask yourself is this the time to do this-or do I stick it away for another day? Sometimes you don’t need to ask because you just know from a place that is so certain and has no concerns about how things will show up-because you know that the universe has your back!

So dear ones-we have inspired Linda with these words and we will reiterate that yes indeed-The Universe has your back! It always has and it always will and you are the ones who decide who choose to believe that it does and that things will always turn out the way that is best for you. You might not believe it at first glance or second or third-but somewhere along the line you will know that it was merely another step on your journey that is life on planet earth and you will be in appreciation for everything that you experienced along the way-though some of you may have to wait until you join us in order to appreciate all the finer details of it!

We know that is of little comfort to some of you. Have you asked for more comfort? Have you asked for a sign? Do you understand that you have free will and in that is choice through asking?

We will leave you with that to muse upon. Moment by moment you will all come to a place of grandest version of yourself-the one that we see in each and everyone of you. Sometimes it comes sooner and sometimes it comes later but it always comes!

Go For Your Joy
Linda and The Group


Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

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