Christy’s Labyrinth

I am just thrilled to introduce have Christy Sensharma with us for the next 13 weeks for her series:

“A Labyrinth of Self Discovery.”



A labyrinth is not a maze. There is only one path, and as long as you stay on it, you will be drawn to the center and then back out again. You cannot get lost unless you step over the rocks. Walking the labyrinth is a journey, not only to the physical center of a circuitous path, but to the center of our very own being-ness. Along the way there are twists and turns, sometimes it seems you are approaching the center only to make a turn and find you are moving away…

Ultimately, you will reach center.

Finally, you will find your way out again.


Since 1997, I have been a student of Yoga as well as other eastern philosophies, and one of the concepts that has become integral to both my life and practice is “Svadhyaya.”  Svadhyaya is generally translated as self study or self observation. The gift of this practice is to notice.


Just notice.


Notice how habits show up in our life. Notice how often we live with intention, or don’t. Notice whether our thinking or our actions bring happiness – bliss! – to ourselves and those around us, or not. Notice where we block or sabotage ourselves from creating what will make our hearts sing; and have the courage to ask why we’ve build the walls that keep us stuck. Notice that noticing might just make you crazy.


This work is not for the faint of heart. I know. I’ve walked this path. I can tell you it’s worth it.


The Labyrinth is a great metaphor for life in general, and Noticing will help us investigate where and how we are on this journey to our most Blissful and Deepest Self. I invite you to keep this in mind as we journey through these next thirteen weeks.


To support the practice of Noticing, journaling is amazingly helpful.

I’m not talking about a

“Dear Diary, to day I did such and such…”

I’m talking about

“Today *something* happened to me and this is what I felt, what I learned..”

I invite you to start if you don’t already have a practice. Write it in a book or on loose scraps of paper. Draw it. Paint it. Photograph it. Make voice memos. You are already in the Labyrinth, so I invite you to walk with me on this experiential journey of self-discovery.


How perfect that the first topic is Adventure! As we step into adventure week, I invite you to consider in what way the sense of adventure might carry us all the way through. Then, as we move through each of the habits, I invite you to investigate how each of these habits fits into your life. Notice that although each week has a different focus, they are all facets of a unified whole – a collage, a tapestry – that is the creation of your life.


I would like to thank Kathy for the opportunity to contribute to this cycle of Bliss Habits.

It is my joy and honor to explore each of these topics with you.


(Look for Christy’s posts each Monday afternoon here at Bliss Habits!)




Christy Sensharma

I am a wife and a mom, a yogi, an artist, and a writer… but not always in that order! I tend to think in collage and have trouble starting my day without coffee (black). I am a contemplative and a seeker on this wonderful, odd trip that is this human life. I love to have adventures and detest fences of any kind. Dedicated to my journal, I blog part-time at

3 thoughts on “Christy’s Labyrinth

  1. Karen B says:

    Christy, I found this very thought provoking. The idea of the labyrinth being a journey to one’s centre. The image that jumped into my head was one of myself circling around the outside of the labyrinth – reluctant to take that step. I want to go there, to find ‘me’, but I am afraid of what I will find. And yet, I find the ‘me’ that I am now to be unacceptable – maybe a case of ‘better the devil you know’. At the same time I am going through difficulties at work and completely realise that taking this journey – noticing – will help to get me through it. So thank you for the kick up the bum that I clearly need! xxx

    • Hello Karen ~
      I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner… I only just saw your comment this morning!
      Thank you for sharing a little of what you’re going through.
      As you look at the labyrinth in the photo, you can follow the path with your eyes, you can see it just makes circles, back and forth, back and forth.
      It takes great courage to make the choice to step into the labyrinth.
      It takes great courage to peel back the layers and layers of story and beliefs and things that have happened to us that we carry around in our hearts and minds, that exhaust us without us even realizing the weight we bear.
      By admitting your pain and your apprehension, you have already entered the Labyrinth ~ did you know that? you eyes are opening, you are questioning and want to learn the answers.
      On any hero/heroine’s journey, there are going to be pitfalls: there are dragons to be slain and deep dark forests to be crossed, there may even be sorcerers to face. Courage is required. Vulnerability is required.
      You are already the Heroine of your own story, and none can take the journey but you. And here’s the spoiler: You are precious and loved; you are already stronger than you know; whatever your gifts are, they are needed; whatever your story, it needs to be told so that it can heal you.
      Please hang with me as we explore these next many weeks…. and journal, journal, journal.
      Peace, Love and Blessings.
      ~ Christy

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