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This post is part six of a six part series on how this blog was started.

Many of you who are following this blog have also been following my Mommy Blog, The Everyday Mommy and/or have seen my “Stuff the Girl Says” via facebook so you know that I have quite the little character on my hands. My sister in law, Linda (check out her blog), was kind enough to share her thoughts about the Everyday Bliss project and came up with Sweet’s take on the 13 Bliss Virtues and, with her permission, I thought it would be fun to share:

(Please note I refer to my darling daughter as Sweets, or The Girl in the electronic world.)

I have indeed been following your “Everyday Bliss” project…. I agree–choosing virtues of your own was far better than using Ben’s. It does make it more personal–and more timely. As I read your list I was mentally making one of my own…asking myself, “Would I include that….or something else?”

I can’t help wondering, though, if “age” would determine the contents of a person’s list. If not the list itself, the definition of some of the items.

I suspect that all your readers will be mentally making his or her own list….and mentally following along with you. You’ve laid the groundwork well, and I’m looking forward to Monday.

As I read your Blisslist, though, I couldn’t help but associate it with “Sweets”. It’s easy to see that you not only strive for these virtues for yourself, you set the example for her too.


JOY…I see an image of The Girl enjoying a “Cakefest in the Park.”

ORDER…Building “towders.” (Towders is how Sweet’s say’s towers)

CREATIVITY…”Sweets” writing and/or drawing the gift cards for the birthday presents for her friends.

PASSION…OK–she has a passion for cake. 🙂

WHIMSY…”Naruto is coming to my house…play with my toys….and then we’re going to the grocery store.”

SERENITY…”I want to snuggle with you, Mommy.”

INQUIRY….”Buggy stuck!” (A beetle clamped on her hand — she was very brave and even came to the conclusion that “Buggy scared because “she” is a giant.”)

COMMUNITY….Attending her friends’ birthday parties.

ROMANCE….”You ate all your broccoli. Good job, Mommy!”

GRATITUDE…”Thank you for holding my hand my friend Lil-li-ya.”

MOXIE…”No, I want that money.”

HUMILITY…”Thank you, Sweets.” “No problem, Daddy.”

SURPRISE… Take your pick on this one–because that child is an endless supply of surprises. 🙂


Thank you Linda! That was very fun!


The Everday Bliss Project begins on Monday ! I hope you join us!


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