A New Kind of Blog Party – The JOY version

"Speaking of Joy" by marielliot

One of the bloggy friends I have been lucky enough to meet is Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin’ Time. She is the mastermind behind some very fun blog parties like “Friday Fragments” in which you share all your random, not really full post sort of stuff. I participate frequently in that over on my other blog, The Everyday Mommy. Another fabulous idea  is her Saturday Sampling in which you are invited to share great posts you came across this week. You are invited to share one of your own posts, if you think it is notable and perhaps even more fun, you are also invited share someone else’s you found particularly interesting. Well, inspired by Mrs. 4444 I’ve come up with a new kind of blog party.

Each week on Saturday I will be inviting you all to share ANY posts you have come across that you think really speak to our bliss topic at hand. These can be old favorite posts of your own, yes it doesn’t have to be new, just relevant for the topic! This is a great way to get some new traction on your favorite old posts and some favorites you have found in your travels.

Here are the details about my weekly Blog Party:

I think I will call the  meme (that’s what they call this sort of thing in blogland, if you aren’t yet familiar) “Speaking of…” as in “Speaking of JOY, Speaking of ORDER etc. etc.  but I am open to other thoughts. If you have any ideas I would be very interested. The ground rules for “Speaking of JOY” is that the posts talk about or in someway evoke joy for you. Once again, they can be your posts or someone else’s. If you link to another’s post please indicate that with an asterisk * in the listing. I will get the party started with an old post of mine and another’s which I ran across this week. The eventual idea for these Saturday Posts is to develop an extensive resource library on each of the bliss virtues… so please if you run across, in this week’s case, something immensely joyous do consider adding it to our “Library.”  The Linky tool will remain open until next Joy week (when I’ll start a new list for us) so come back often to add new listings and/or just to see what might be posted!

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