A New Years Prayer


Click image for details!! "Hear my Prayer" by Chan Yee Von

“Hear my Prayer” by Chan Yee Von


Happy New Year!! 
I have a sweet treat for you today! Our resident poet January has a New Year’s Prayer for us!!

New Years Prayer by January Handl

Make my bonds of love

Make the silver threaded connections
to the beautifully- broken beings
course with a love
that they can feel…

With the ever present
thought of being-ness,
with the dreams of peace
and power
held in gentle embrace
and warm affections.

Make my movements in the world
worthy of my rare existence;
make my forgiveness
encompass every bit of every thing
to tenderly hold
the innocence that
pulses at the core of life.

Make my weariness recede when
my presence is called for;
Make me resonate with
the vast vibrations of the un-knowable
Make me open to the gifts
that only wait for my attention.
Let me inhabit this
singularly astonishing life
with the joy and awe it
so richly deserves.

January Handl

January Handl is first and always a mother, has been a preschool teacher and parent educator for 25 years. She lives simply in awe of existence.

She calls her photo “hot tub bliss”  🙂

Note: January can now be found contributing weekly to the Mulberry School blog on the topics of parenting, child development, positive discipline and more!

7 thoughts on “A New Years Prayer

  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you for this January! My favorite line is “Make my movements in the world worthy of my rare existence” — just beautiful AND something to strive for!! XOXOXO

  2. Hello Kathy,

    Thanks for sharing ‘Hear My Prayer’ at your lovely blog 🙂 The poem is beautiful and great to describe the feeling of starting a new beginning!

    May you have a smashing new year filled with lots of delightful surprises!

    Yee Von

    • January Handl says:

      Thanks, Lorraine. I have a slough of “refrigerator philosophy” that keeps me centered. Wishes for an amazing year! Love, January

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