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Thank you so much for checking out Bliss Habits. It is my hope that you feel welcome and come back to visit often!

For those of you who haven’t met me yet, my name is Kathy Sprinkle and I have been conducting a little experiment over the past couple of years,to cultivate the habit of bliss. Sometimes I am wildly successful and other times my ideas and initiatives are complete flops but I operate from an over arching philosophy that

We become what we think about.

I read that little gem of an idea in Earl Nightingale‘s book The Strangest Secret when I was in my twenties and it has been percolating around in my brain and heart since then. When ever things were not going the way I wanted I could always ask myself, “What are you thinking about?” and get pretty clear about why things were going awry. Sadly it took me until my mid 40’s to start considering that the magic could work the other way.

This is when I came up with the idea of proactively cultivating bliss. When I started, I wasn’t even sure it was possible, but I devised a little game to explore 13 virtues, later to become habits, of bliss. Each week I would concentrate on one of these habits and use my blog to keep track of what was happening and to invite others to join me (read all about how it started here).  In time I realized that all of this information I had been gathering could be very useful if I organized it better. Bliss Habits is the culmination of that effort. In time, I hope that each of my Bliss Habits, become a valuable inspiration stop as you too cultivate the habit of bliss.

Oh, you probably want to know what I look like. Here is a photo that I like. It is of me and my daughter. I call her The Girl and Sweets here on my blog. Full disclaimer, this photo is a year old but I like it and I have since gotten a haircut I don’t like and yadda yadda yadda I’m vain about things like that.

If you didn’t figure it out from that cute way I dropped that I started my bliss project in my 40’s, I will tell you that I started this mom gig pretty late in the game. I became The Girl’s mom at age 43 and life would never be the same. She has and will put in an appearance here on Bliss Habits from time to time, but if you want to see more of her in action a visit to my other blog, The Everyday Mommy is in order. I have a scroll of the funny things Sweets says, like “You’re not a person! You’re a Mommy!” (my favorite from when she was two) and more recently,  “Mommy, I love you to the farthest star I never saw and back.” (how can a mommy NOT melt with that one!) Anyway here are a couple of posts from over there that you may find interesting:

Of course I did not do this miraculous parenting thing on my own. In fact, if the truth is to be told I was probably heading towards never being a parent when I met my amazing Sweetie. The thing I want you to know about him is that we met after I, on a bit of a lark, posted a personal add on Craig’s list which said I was looking for someone who would “woo and wow me for the rest of my life.” Amazingly, he was serious about my request and set forth immediately on the wooing and wowing. Once, while we were dating he had me meet him at the airport “with a bathing suit and a dress” and took me to Maui. Never had I been so swept off my feet!

Later we returned to the site of this first getaway weekend to get married.  Here is a photo from that day:

Known here more often as the Sweetie, Rob shows up pretty regularly as my guinea pig for all my bliss initiatives. Even though I don’t have an entire blog devoted to our relationship, this post from a previous Romance Week pretty much sums up why I am so lucky.

Other then the remarkable people in my life, I would say I’m a pretty typical suburban gal. I stay at home, to care for The Girl, more or less keep house, battle guilt, ponder cosmic questions, encourage environmental consciousness, and generally fumble around in my pursuit for fun, fulfillment and everyday bliss.

If you would like to contact me I am reachable

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My greatest hope for Bliss Habits is that it become a regular stop in your internet travels and that by stopping by you too cultivate the everyday habit of bliss.

Outrageous Joy,


P.S. If you are an artist, blogger, writer, lover of life who has something that would contribute to one or more of the Bliss Virtues and you would like to share your craft and point of view as a guest of this blog please let me know.

I am eager to make Bliss Habits a sharing and collaborative space for all Blissful pursuits!



11 thoughts on “About Kathy

  1. Hi, Kathy–read about your great blog on Marianne’s blog. Sounds wonerful!

    Thought you both might want to know that the link to the guest post doesn’t seem to be working–at least for me.


  2. Hi Kathy,

    Congrats for your site: helpful, refreshing, and easy! (I loved the idea of the link: “If you are new to this site start here.” I fet welcome.

    I personally see the world as playground where sometimes we forgot how to play. Conversely, todays workoholism and culture of money are forms of stoicism. Definitely, we need bliss and bliss habits.

    The Russell’s book I mentioned to you yesterday is On Education. It has delightful chapters as the one titled “Play and Fancy.”

    http://books.google.com/books?id=puY_55fBtJgC&printsec=frontcover – v=onepage&q&f=false

    Thank you!

  3. Lovely web-site Kathy! It perfectly conveys your message to the world. I enjoyed reading about you and your life. I look forward to getting to know you more through your posts and blog.

  4. Hi Kathy,

    Blessed am I to come across your site. To draw inspiration by each event of the day, and making it a mantra is how I survive.

    Will be visiting you often.


  5. Hello , I have been getting a lot of search engines on my etsy from bliss habits .. Thank you- you featured me before and i am so very grateful for you and what you share.. Your blog always serves to remind me that there are so many levels and layers in life, you really know how to peel them back in such a thoughtful way ~~hugs, Lisa aka Alteredhead on etsy

  6. Hi Kathy,

    Hope you’re well. The reason for my contact is that I’ve been following (don’t worry I’m not a freak) you on Instagram and online and really enjoy your pics and content and thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself and what I/we do.

    About 6 months ago I started a project called InsideOut which is a social growth hub. In short what we do is help people connect to their passion and core purpose in life and once they’ve connected to it help them live it. We do this through events, workshops, coaching, speaking and an online community. Our point of difference so to speak is that we are raw and authentic with zero time and space for wank and BS.

    Everyone involved speaks and helps from a point of experience rather than a salesy preacher. We don’t have 10 steps to happiness or anything like that. We are just real people with real stories wanting to help.

    The reason why I started this was as with many people and change I hit one too many pain points through alcohol, drugs, career direction, health issues and poor relationships and woke up one day and enough was enough and am now in a place that I didn’t believe existed.

    My goal is to help as many people as possible in their journeys to living a life they love but what I have realised is that I cannot do it alone and it would be pretty arrogant of me to think I could so what I am trying to do is connect with as many people, projects, organisations as possible who have the same goal – to make people happy however they do that.

    I would love to chat with you further about InsideOut in the hope of connecting with you and your community in some way shape or form. Here are the details for out next event on May 17th https://ventii.eventbrite.com.au if you would like to know more. I’d be more than happy to offer you a ticket to come along and check us out for yourself.

    Hopefully hear from you soon,


  7. Glenys Horne says:

    Hi, I have just stumbled across your facebook page and Bliss Habits…and wow!
    I am a Random Acts of Kindness, Pay it Forward, Good News kind of person, believing that the world is a beautiful place despite some of the crap that is happening and makes the news, despite the greed which is shown by some, and the ignorance and fear of others.
    I am 61, have two children and 4 grandsons of my own, and having been married three times have a few extra step children and sort of semi-adopted kids who pop up in my life from time to time. My second marriage was to someone much older than myself so his 2 daughters and 1 son are more like very dear friends, and his granddaughter and great granddaughter I see often, we have lunch and are more like my step daughter and granddaugter than anything else. My Third marriage has brought 4 children 2 step daughters and 2 stepsons into the mix with 3 children between them and a mix of pets.
    I was retired and loving it after been a carer for my second husband for approx 5 years, he was quite a bit older than myself, and quite unwell… he died at home unexpectedly from a heart attack.
    I was alone for a couple of years, living in the western wilderness town of Maydena about 40 minutes from the nearest town of any size and over an hour from Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart where my son and daughter live.
    I joined plenty of fish (dating site) and had just about given up on finding anyone….(read my blog on dating for someone who is 58….retired life in the rainforest…. glenystasmania.blogspot.com,au) you may have to scroll down a long way to find the post…but I kissed a few toads before I found my Prince Charming….lol.
    I have recently returned to work in order to keep the house and do the renovations my Prince Charming was living in when his life turned upside down with his marriage falling apart, and the subsequent seperation and divorce.
    We have been together just over 3 years and married 2 years, he works as a truck driver for Veolia Environmental Services company – (drives the garbage truck) I worked Aged Care previously as a community carer initially, later as a Diversional Therapist in Day Respite services, I coordinated my own program 2 days a week, and initiated some programs we later received funding for to continue them and employ someone to run them. I now work in Mental Health Services as a support worker in a Recovery and Rehabilitation Supported Accommodation setting, I love it and am completing some study to complement the Cert 4 in Community Services I already have.
    I was born in the United Kingdom, and my family moved to Australia when I was 14… I have always lived in Tasmania although my family is now living in Queensland. Tasmania is one of the worlds best kept secrets, we have made it to several lists for the best destinations in the world and have a temperate climate.
    Looking forward to spending time with you and others seeking Bliss Habits.

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