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I am entirely delighted to have Tom Evans, the author of The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments, as my guest here today. As many of you know, Inquiry is my most beloved Bliss Habit. Wonder and curiosity are where everything begins for me in my quest to cultivate delight and for creating my life. Well, Tom is a professional inquirer! He ponders thought, creates new ways of being and doing, and is completely committed to raising consciousness where ever he goes.

I fell in love with his website Recipes for Fresh Thinking, and knew I wanted him to be a part of my next Inquiry week. Graciously, he agreed!  Please enjoy!

"Thoughts are Heavy Things" by Ramble Rhys (click image for details)


Ever since humankind gained self-awareness, our inquisitiveness has been one trait that defines Us. We are not alone in the animal and plant kingdom in this of course, it’s just more pronounced as a trait in us. Our lines of inquiry are not merely based around food, reproduction or survival, we also think about so called ‘hard questions’ like, “Why are we here?”, “What’s the point of it all?” and “Where have we come from?”


Amazing scientific advances have given us unprecedented understanding of the physical Universe at both a macroscopic and microscopic levels. We can look back in time billions of years and ‘see’ the atoms from which we are made and even the bits that make the atoms. The ‘hardest question’ however of how we are able to actually ‘think’ so we can perform these amazing feats remains unanswered. By the way, if the most complex thing you do all day is pick up the TV remote and scan channels almost mindlessly, this feat too is pretty amazing when you come to think about it.


The clue to the reason the answer to this question remains so elusive is that if you look in the wrong place, you won’t easily find what you are looking for. It is a gross misconception that the human brain is both the generator of thought and somehow our memories are encoded within the billions of neurons. It is not so much that ‘Thoughts become things’ but that “Thoughts are things’. They are as tangible as photons of light (which aren’t that tangible by the way) and the brain is not so much a generator of thought but a transceiver. That is, it picks up thought and replays it. It is so good at doing this in fact that the person who is having these thoughts is convinced that they must be their own.


I first took this line of inquiry when I wrote my first book on writer’s block and I found that what stopped creative thoughts in their tracks was two main processes. Firstly, raw emotions like fear, anger, hurt or guilt block the creative flow. Secondly, internal or external dialogue blocks it too. The former thought forms aren’t generated in our heads but mainly in complex ganglia in our gut and heart minds. Scientists are just discovering their form and function. The latter type of thought, that of our inner dialogue or our spoken word, acts not as a generative force but as a barrier to inspiration. This is why we have to pause to think if someone asks us a question.


To develop an Inquiring Mind that is capable of answering the Big Questions, it is necessary for us to both harness our emotions and quieten our ‘monkey mind’. When we do this we are able to tap into what is referred to as the Collective Consciousness. This is ‘thought’ to be the repository of all knowledge and wisdom past, present and future. In our dream state, we are naturally tapped into it but sometimes the messages are encoded in metaphor. By learning how to tap into it while awake, we transcend the ‘normal’ state of mind and become channels and oracles. All the great artists, musicians and scribes possessed this ability – some under the influence of external influences such as drugs alcohol.


What is so good about this enhanced state of mind though is that we can all access it and the two tools to do so are both free and beneficial to our well being and health. Right breathing and meditation are all we need to do. When you learn the simple techniques involved, you can write articles like this in less than 15 minutes without planning or ‘forethought’ – you just get in the flow and time itself seems to run at an altogether different speed.



Tom Evans is an empath, a wayseer and wizard of light bulb moments. Originally a BBC-trained engineer and software architect, his background in broadcast and internet technologies has given him a deep understanding of the physical realm. For the last 10 years, he has applied his keen and enquiring mind to the metaphysical world. Now as a spiritual innovator, he ‘engineers’ new ways of being and doing, as he does so, guiding people to heightened states of consciousness. His latest ‘invention’ is called the Cube of Karma is described as a ‘software upgrade for the soul’.

He has written three books on what blocks creativity, what encourages it and how not all our thoughts are necessarily what we think of as our own. He is the architect behind a new consciousness-raising portal called Recipes for Fresh Thinking whose strapline “Change your Thoughts, Change your Mind, Change your World” says it all.

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