Metta and Loving-Kindness

Want to cultivate positive feelings and nourish your soul in just a short time without much energy? Try a little “Loving-Kindness”. The above quote is part of what’s called a “Metta” or Loving-Kindness Meditation. It’s called “Loving-Kindness” because the key of this practice is to first focus it on yourself.  Metta is a very nourishing daily practice, Read More


the rewards of courage

  I always assumed that when a caterpillar made its metamorphosis into a butterfly, it went through a fairly straightforward transformation. I thought the caterpillar made its cocoon, crawled inside, and while it slept, its wings grew and body elongated and then when all that was done, the new butterfly cracked through the cocoon and Read More


Naked Ambition

What’s your “naked ambition”? By that, I mean, what is the ONE thing you really want to accomplish in your lifetime? For some of us it has to do with family, career, the world, or maybe a mix of all three. For me, I finally realized that I just want to leave the world a better Read More