Heather and Family (1)

How to be an Encouraging Caregiver

Tomorrow is Mesothelioma Awareness Day and Cameron Von St. James reached out to ask if I would be willing to help by sharing his and his wife’s story with mesothelioma on the Bliss Habits blog. He and his wife Heather are on a mission to spread awareness of this disease that takes so many innocent lives and has Read More


Truing process or art of escape?

I am completely thrilled to have my friend and former colleague Jessica Bart-Williams with us today. A woman of staunch conviction, she is not afraid to travel in those uncomfortable spaces I admittedly try to avoid. Today I’m mustering the grit to join her. Won’t you too?   I live fiercely inside a romantic notion Read More


Tapping Into Your Inner Bliss

Today I am delighted to introduce some new friends. BlackLion and Starcat happened upon our Bliss Habits Facebook Page a couple of weeks ago and one trip over to their Feline Dreamers convinced me that we would all benefit from their delightful brand of wisdom. Please enjoy:   Well met! We’re BlackLion and Starcat of Read More