Meditation for Beginners

A few weeks ago Stephen Bray happened by this blog and was kind enough to contribute to our mindfulness discussion. Blown away by his simple wisdom, I asked if he would be willing to write about Meditation for Bliss Habits. I am thrilled that he so graciously agreed! Please enjoy: The word ‘meditation’ conjures unwarranted Read More

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Naked Beneath the Armor

One of my greatest wishes for the Bliss Habits blog is that  the topics to be of interest and the queries and conclusions you discover make a difference in your life. I’m truly honored and delighted that this has been the case for my dear friend Kat. Long time readers may remember Kat tackling difficult Read More

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Are You Letting Your Age Define Your Dreams?

I am beyond thrilled to have the lovely Marquita Herald with us today. This incredibly wise woman, who lives her own dreams from her home in Hawaii (a favorite place of mine!), is here to show you how you can keep age from being a factor in living YOUR dreams. Please enjoy! “Sometimes, people use age as a Read More


How Mindfulness Sucks

I am totally tickled! My personal mindfulness guru, the marvelous Lisa of Being Breath is back with us today. If you have been following Bliss Habits for any length of time then you have certainly been introduced to the wonder and grace that is Lisa Wilson. Lisa has been a guest of Bliss Habits several times over and every Read More


Bliss Work

I’m just thrilled to introduce 30 day happiness challenger and kindred spirit Mara Jeffress to Bliss Habits. Enjoy! I was at the doctor today and was texting my husband to tell him that I had to go get “blood work” but my phone auto corrected “blood” to “bliss”, which got me thinking about the importance Read More