Welcome to Inspire week

INSPIRE – fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

(Each week we concentrate on one of our Habits. Last week took on Breathe, this week we Inspire and next week we Savor!)


What if you fall in love with your planet?


  Today I am inspired by the blue sky after a cleansing rain and wind. Nature doesn’t think about what to do or how to be. It simply responds to the energies. And I am hearing that we are a large part of the energies that affect her. Planet earth is not separate from you…. Read more


Crap!! It is Friday!!

"Take A Breath" by Cassie Hartwell

Crap!! It is Friday!! Take a breath, Linda, you forgot. It isn’t the end of the world and if I write quickly enough I can have it in her hands lickety, split. You see today is Friday, my turn at Bliss Habits. I just received an e-mail asking where my contribution was. S**t, I can’t… Read more


Will you make a choice for grieving or celebration?

"Transition" by Selina Farmer

Life is constantly changing and with it there is always loss of some kind. We lose those that we love through death or departing from our life. We lose a part of our self as we grow into new aspect of being. Sometimes that means leaving something or someone behind. The deepest grief is the… Read more


Remembering what we already know

"Reach For Your Stars" by Schar Freeman

  Recently, as I sit to write for this blog The Group has been insistent on relaying messages to you. They are content to let me write whatever I want but as their words come in it seems inconsequential. I will say this though, the best teachers I have had in my life are the… Read more


There is magic when we choose to encourage!


  I believe that to encourage means to offer hope to someone, to tease them into being more of who they be and to help them step out of their perceived limitations so that they can begin to see, the infinite possibilities that are available to them. Isn’t that what the best doctors, nurses, healers,… Read more


You can choose to begin again


  Begin, dear ones, to see yourselves as the creators you are. If you can allow yourself to step out of judgment, then you can look back and see what you have created, without regret. You will know that everything was merely a step towards where you are now. Each moment you chose and chose… Read more