Welcome to CELEBRATION week!

CELEBRATE – to rejoice in or have special festivities to mark a happy day, event, etc); to praise widely

(Each week we explore one of our Bliss Habits this week is all about Celebration. Following celebration week we will be on a short hiatus and then returning on May 5, 2014 for Adventure week.)


Celebrating YOU!

"Celebration"  by Maite Tobon

If you could see the ongoing celebrations that occur on our side you might get an inkling of how magnificent we see all of you-everyone of you. There is nothing that deters us. We celebrate more of your life than you know. We know that each time that you overcome a fear, each time you… Read more


The Simplest way to be of Service anywhere, anytime!

"Be True to Yourself" by Jill Lambert

The best way you can be of service to your world is to be you. How simple is that? Be the you that is uniquely you. No one is the exact same. Each of you has a gift that is uniquely yours. It may seem like someone else’s, but we guarantee you it is not…. Read more


Magically Restorative Energy

"The sower of Red poppies," by Patrick Bornemann

  So many of you believe that you need rest to feel refreshed when sometimes the exact opposite is true. Sometimes what you are requiring is a stimulation of your being with a new activity, new thoughts and new way of being. When you are engaged in something that brings you joy, the very last… Read more


The best that you can in the moment

Night... Reflections by Agata Lawrynczyk

  So many of you reflect upon your life and the world around you with a heavy heart. But if you would choose to reflect with a soft, gentle and inquiring heart you would find the answers you are asking for. When you reflect upon events past and current with a heavy heart, we see… Read more


The change you have been asking for

"Changes" by Athina Greiner of Faeries in my closet

  There you are dear ones, standing on the precipice of change, quivering with the energies of what if’s, wondering if this is the change you have been asking for or is it change that is being thrust upon you? If the change is in front of you-you have been asking for it. It is… Read more


Teasing you forward into more joy

"Dancing with life" by Lise Meijer

  How do you nourish the being that you be on planet earth? There are universal similarities in some of that. Touch is important to all of you, but dear ones, each of you has a need to be nourished in your own unique ways. You may survive and sometimes thrive with touch. But are… Read more