Have you ever enjoyed a moment of pure bliss?

An ideal moment that seemingly defies time and space.

A moment so perfect your heart and soul sing with gratitude for the chance to experience it?

Would you like to experience more? Then you are in the right place! Welcome to Bliss Habits where we explore, experiment and cultivate bliss. Please join us if you want to make bliss your habit!


What does cherish mean to you?

"Cherish" by Kelly Stribling Sutherland

What does cherish mean to you? Really, that is what The Group wants you to muse upon because as they tell it to me, life is to be cherished. Each and every moment that you breathe can be cherished. And we get to choose how much of that we manage to do. We know how… Read more


Believe in Your Own Knowing

Trust Your Own Wisdom by Mary Sterk

  We cannot make ourselves believe by a decision. We can only find our way into our knowing through being aware of what surrounds us physically and energetically. The easiest way to do that is to ignore the things or rather to observe but not pay any due attention to the “stuff” that will distract… Read more


What is your threshold of respect?

"Nuff respect" by Melissa Matthews

  I have discovered that everyone has a slightly different attitude about respect. Some people easily feel disrespected and for other people it takes a whole lot of disrespecting before they even notice! I fall into the latter category. It isn’t something that even matters too much to me. I prefer to appreciate the being… Read more


A knowing that just jumps in


  How many of you have heard these two words before? Inspired action. What exactly is inspired action and why should you take it? Inspired action is when you have a sudden whim or urge to do something out of the ordinary or to take a next step that you might not have taken next…. Read more


Each breath can be a prayer…


  Breathe and breathe and breathe and breathe! A constant in life is change and another constant is breath. If you are alive you are breathing-if you are breathing you are alive. But what if you could use your breath a few times during your day to send out a prayer? What if you could… Read more


A choice for grieving or celebration


Life is constantly changing and with it there is always loss of some kind. We lose those that we love through death or departing from our life. We lose a part of our self as we grow into new aspect of being. Sometimes that means leaving something or someone behind. The deepest grief is the… Read more