Welcome to the Month of Living Hapfully!

HAPFULL - Overflowing with the joy of being alive!

(Note: The Hapfull fun will continue throughout August and we will be introducing a new collection of Bliss Habits starting in September.)


How to be a magnet of light and love

happy little tree girl by agorables

  There was a young woman who loved to laugh and when she laughed all around her couldn’t help but laugh with her. Everyone longed to be around her and delight in her delight of life. Everything and everyone that caught her eye made her smile and giggle. She could see what and who everyone… Read more


Help them to remember just by being more of you.

'Kaleidoscope' is a celebration of the intangible, sometimes forgotten gifts that life unfolds to us every day. By Michelle Pfeiffer

  You dear ones are magnificent beings of light and love and until you can begin to even consider that for yourself you will never see it in another. You will always think otherwise or wonder if they are for real. You will always be looking for the flaw to prove otherwise as you see… Read more


Be in service to yourself first

"save some love and care for you" by Julene Ewert

  Service is frequently considered a valuable action, a selfless action and something that we must do in order to give back for the gift of our life. What if it is far more than that and far simpler than that? What if what we consider being of service ends up taking away from the… Read more


A Time of Rest

"Choosing Today's Worldview,"  by Angela Cazel Jahn

  Sometimes I rest a lot! I sit under trees gazing onto the ocean, I sit in my living room musing and I crawl into my delicious bed and succumb to the comfort of clean sheets and sunshine shimmering through the trees outside my window. My husband sometimes comments that I sleep a lot! Are… Read more


Be the fullness of you

Be-You-Ti-Ful....yeah, you. "" are Beautiful....just the way you are.  by Kathy McKinley

  Today I was reflecting on my good life. Today I was in gratitude. The weather helped with its gentle summer breezes and the warmth of sun, which had me driving Lily, my VW Convertible Bug, top down with the tunes cranked! Some days it is very easy to sit in gratitude. Some days it… Read more


Set Sail for Change!

"Set Sail for a Dream" by Karissa Van Tassel

  Change is such an appropriate topic for my world. Just a few minutes ago I was asking myself these questions. What is it going to take to change this? What energy, space and consciousness can I be to create the change I am looking for? Change is a constant and when I begin to… Read more