Tips to Capturing the Elusive Serenity

Do I have a treat for you today! One of my favorite bloggers, Vanessa from Optimal Optimist, has agreed to share her thoughts on Serenity. For those of you who don’t know Vanessa or her lovely blog, I would highly recommend a visit! Each of her posts is an hopeful and uplifting journey as she finds inspiration in some of the most unlikely of spots. After you read her post here you won’t want to miss Oriental Grass and Optimism? Why, Yes! the Serenity week companion post over on her blog.



I am honored to be a part of Bliss Habits once again and so excited to break into this week’s habit!

It’s a funny thing, Serenity. One of those always out of reach, can’t quite get there, want (and need!) it so badly, kind of things. With all that goes on in our lives and all that our world throws at us, it’s no wonder that we just need some Serenity. Right. Now.

I often find myself so wrapped up in the goings-on in life that I literally end up walking in circles trying to decide which thing would be best to do next. I’m sure you all can relate; life just has a way of scheduling too many things for one day. So we go and go and go until we can’t go anymore, and then we scream out for Serenity…just for a moment of its peaceful calmness, where silence is the loudest noise in the room.

Of course, for most of us, that’s a hard thing to come by. Serenity is quite the elusive little habit, you know. But we can’t lose hope on it so quickly! There are many ways to find Serenity in our overly-articulated, highly concentrated world where a moment of peace seems as likely to happen as having a blank To-Do list.

All I know is, it takes some hard work and some courage to find Serenity in our lives. We’ve got to be proactive about making time in each day for this lovely Bliss Habit to find its way into our lives, and we’ve got to have enough courage to recognize that we deserve to have that precious time for Serenity to enter our life! It is certainly possible to attain, but sometimes we have to look outside of our normal scope to find it. If you think Serenity has closed its doors on you, I’m happy to report that it most certainly has not.

Here are some tips to capturing that elusive Serenity we’re all after:

  • Pinpoint your Serenity triggers. If you find yourself reveling in something that brings a sense of calm over you, even for just a moment, make a mental note of it. This is a Serenity trigger, and should be returned to as often as possible when you feel like you need to just relax for a moment.
  • Find a moment of clarity in the most stressful of situations. This is a tough one, but its essential to our quest to find Serenity. If we can learn to clear our minds in the times when we are feeling the most anxious, the most stressed, and the most un-serene, we can learn to take control of our emotions and of the situations we hate most, turning them into something we like more.
  • Make time for Serenity. Every day. I know, I know. You’ve got to go to work, then take the dog for a walk, then make dinner, then take the kids to practice, then clean, do the laundry, make lunches for tomorrow, call your mother, “read” the news, and somehow fit in some gym time. So, there’s no extra time for anything! Well, sure there is, especially for Serenity. If you honestly can’t find a second to fit in a moment of calmness, try to find it in the time you spend doing something else, like walking the dog or doing the laundry. Make time for it during an activity where your mind can wander and you can think of only the things that make you happy.
  • Don’t be afraid to call out for Serenity. Sure, the people around you may think your nuts, but acknowledging the times when you need Serenity the most may help you get to that sense of calm much faster. Knowing when things get a little to hectic can help you recognize the times when you need to take a moment for yourself, gather your thoughts and relax.
  • Do the quintessential “finding Serenity” things. Take a warm bath, a long shower, lay in a hammock, listen to calming music….these are all things that we know can bring us Serenity, yet we sometimes think only happen in movies and are too cheesy to do in real life. Good news! They most certainly can happen in real life, and they do have a way of bringing a sense of calm over us. So give it a shot.

The fact is, we are all capable of finding Serenity in our lives. For some, it may come easily, while others have to work at bringing a sense of calm into their all too hectic world. No matter where you rank on the Serenity scale, it is essential to your overall well being that you dedicate some time to finding this bliss.

Keep Smiling,



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