Meditation for Beginners

A few weeks ago Stephen Bray happened by this blog and was kind enough to contribute to our mindfulness discussion. Blown away by his simple wisdom, I asked if he would be willing to write about Meditation for Bliss Habits. I am thrilled that he so graciously agreed! Please enjoy: The word ‘meditation’ conjures unwarranted Read More

Listening 400

Speaking of Listening – the How to Listen edition

Welcome to the Blog Party!  This week we are talking Listening.  This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic! LISTENING –to pay attention; to convey a particular impression to the hearer How to do it better, qualities of good listening, stuff worth listening to… really ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on the topic. I’m Read More



  We live in a noisy world.  Even if we ignore the sounds of our thoughts (which we often do), we are constantly absorbing the sounds of computers, cell phones, buzzing lights, heating or cooling systems, traffic, conversations, music, television … you get the idea.     By necessity, we attend to those things that are Read More