Mindful-ness – or – Mind-fullness?

Pay Attention. Pay Attention. Pay Attention.When we first consider Mindful-ness, what image comes to mind? Our friend Buddha? Perhaps some other sage, or maybe even ourself in some state of repose and calm. Mindfulness is often used as a buzzword, accompanied by images of wide open fields and people sitting in meditation with their eyes closed. But really, Read More


Meditation for Beginners

A few weeks ago Stephen Bray happened by this blog and was kind enough to contribute to our mindfulness discussion. Blown away by his simple wisdom, I asked if he would be willing to write about Meditation for Bliss Habits. I am thrilled that he so graciously agreed! Please enjoy: The word ‘meditation’ conjures unwarranted Read More


How to get to a quieter, more mindful state.

  This week I have been immersed in the technological aspects of participating in a Telesummit and recording a meditation Mp3 as a download as part of my package and tweaking my web-site to reflect the changes that are occurring. Microphones, Garageband, royalty free music, voice overs, downloadable Mp3s and the list has seemed endless! Read More

Being With Each Other

Mind Your Ps and Qs

“Mind your Ps and Qs.” Hadn’t heard that expression in a very long time. But there it was, flashed across my thoughts like sub-titles translating the language of awareness.   A week full of wonderings through mindfulness kept following the same path. Visions framed by feathered blurred edges flowed with peace and ease. Soft background Read More