Love Your Food.

I’ll let you in on one of my biggest secrets: I love food. Anyone who truly knows me would tell you that if you give me food, I’d be your best friend. My dog and I have a similar outlook, but that’s beside the point. I. Love. Food. But I have a different relationship with Read More


Nourish thy family

  Now that I have a family, I tend to frame most topics around them. It’s pretty hard for me to write about a topic like nourish without thinking about my family. This is especially true given everything my family has gone through. NOURISH – supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth Read More


Metta and Loving-Kindness

Want to cultivate positive feelings and nourish your soul in just a short time without much energy? Try a little “Loving-Kindness”. The above quote is part of what’s called a “Metta” or Loving-Kindness Meditation. It’s called “Loving-Kindness” because the key of this practice is to first focus it on yourself.  Metta is a very nourishing daily practice, Read More


Nourish Yourself

  “Where is your water? Know your garden.” ~ Hopi Teaching Each and everyday, we feed ourselves. We feed our bodies. We feed our minds. We feed those around us. We fill our time. We feed ourselves in myriad ways: food and drinkfamily and friends quiet time / spiritual practices hobbies and / or work Read More