PERMISSION TO PLAY : Passion : #p2play

If you spend any time with a kid, you probably know that they are very passionate about many things. Many, many things. You’ll often hear a child exclaiming some of the following: “I love that song.” “I love those purple light-up sneakers.” “I love pizza.” “I love little fluffy kittens.” “I love going to the park.” “I love ….” There’s a lot Read More


Answering the call of passion
– we were born for this!

Is there any doubt that Tamara’s daughter has passion?  Passion’s energy is so perfectly depicted in this photo! Welcome to Passion week. This week is about having passion clearly depicted in our lives! PASSION – a fervent or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything; experience of strong love or sexual desire. January tells us, “Passion Read More


Spark Some Passion Or Rekindle The Romance With Herbal Lover’s Cordials

I love this post! When Sarah O’Leary, the brains behind the newly launched Holistic Hot Sauce told me she wanted to share a post about cordials, I have to admit I was a bit confused. Cordials? Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a cocktail as much as the next person but what the heck Read More

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How to Channel Your Passion into Positive Momentum

I am just delighted to have Lisa Alessi of Renaissance Learner with us again. Last time she was here she cam waving her magic wand and today she is here to help us sustain our passion. In addition to her wise counsel Lisa is also generously offering one lucky reader a one-on-one coaching session designed to help you gain clarity Read More

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Trust and Surrender =The Passionate side of Romance

  Trust and Surrender by January Handl For the orgasm that I feel sings all the way through me, no – actually sings me, offering an out of body experience with my vocals just announcing what my body is one-focus fucking experiencing, wave after wave of the tickly-joy explosions that connect me to the cosmos Read More