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How perfect that our topic for this week is “Cherish,” since later this week, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. The perfect time for contemplating everything that we cherish most, everything that brings, or has brought, Joy and Blessings into our life and for which we am ever so Grateful. We will be reflecting on how Love fills our life, especially when we allow it to flow freely.

Cherish this moment.


By cultivating full presence to this moment, we can always find things to cherish: the company we keep, the solitude we so desperately need, any delightful input from any of our remarkable senses. At times, we may find ourselves holding onto this moment, as if we could stop the march of time if we just hold on tight enough. At other times we may mentally collect everything we can from an encounter or event, then tuck it away in our memories to be “relived” or to sustain us in darker times. Yet, because time is fleeting and all things and phases are impermanent, it does no good to grasp too tightly, all we can do is pay attention, notice, savor whatever is happening now. This moment will never repeat in exactly this way.

“Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.”
~ Captain JeanLuc Picard


Cherishing is a self-less act.


As I was gathering my thoughts to write this, I found many, many quotes about the importance of cherishing our loved ones: family, friends, children, elders. Cherishing is a selfless act, because it requires us to be vulnerable to all the Joys and Pains of life, to love bravely and fiercely even as we understand the fleetingness of the moment, and the fact that the people we love change, and grow, and maybe leave us in some way. In cherishing another, we celebrate and appreciate all the gifts and blessings the relationship bestows upon us. We might even get sentimental about them. We must step outside of ourself in order to fully hold space for another, for our time together. We allow them to do and be what they need to be, appreciating not only the person they are, but their own journey of growth and discovery as well. In this way, while we can hold them in our hearts, we also, simultaneously, let them go.

Over the weekend, my son and my husband went on a school field trip for an ocean adventure; they were a thousand miles away, having a blast. A few days ago, my other son went under anesthesia (“Anastasia” he called it) for an MRI. While these events are commonplace enough, each involved a certain level of risk to life and limb, which prompted me to reflect on how much I love them and am quite attached to them. When they returned to me, I just wanted to hug and hug and hug them.

These events highlighted something about what it means to cherish someone:

Be brave enough to give those whom you love permission to do what they need to do,
then experience the Joy and Relief stitched together with Gratitude when they return.


Cherish you, too.


The idea of cherishing the other people in your life is common enough, yet, the person whom we are closest to is ourself. Can we hold ourselves and our dreams and all that we go through as being as precious and important as everyone else we so selflessly love and care for each day? Can we hold ourself in our own hearts, seeing and integrating the truth that “this is my life and I can be my own best friend?” How would that change our life?

“Cherish your visions; cherish your ideals;
cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind,
the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts.
If you remain true to them, your world will at last be built.”
~ James Allen


~ Invitation ~

Who do you cherish in your life? Have you told them lately? Maybe now is a great time.

Journal to document a special event in your life.
How has it contributed to the amazing person you are today?

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