Cherishing Gifts Of Joy

Living Bliss Under An Angel Sky


Weekends are terrible in hospitals, especially Sundays.

The weekday how-can-you-rest bustle screeches to a halt leaving utter boredom to fill the void.

Mom spent many of those weekends during her three years trying to live through cancer.

I’d hang out with her on as many Sunday afternoons as I could.

We’d talk a bit.

She’d drift off to sleep.

I’d sit in the silence.

We’d talk some more or just sit.

We were beyond keeping busy or finding ways to pass the time.

For whatever times we had left together, these moments of simple connection would last our lifetimes.


Cherish Joy For Life


My sister and brother-in-law were off to the hospital for the impending arrival of my niece.

Rather than sticking around the house, which seems to make time tick slower, we headed off for an adventure with J, my then two and half year old nephew.

The park by the reservoir had great walking paths and a couple of playgrounds that would be new all over again for him.

The rain had poured pretty hard earlier so the grass and paths was quite wet, and the worms had not found their way back to safety.

As we studied the worms J noticed cyclists on the path.

He put two and two together and realized the worms were in imminent danger!!

There was only one solution to ease J’s worrisome mind.

We picked up the worms and placed them in the grass until he was satisfied the wigglers would be fine.

Smiles still break out and the heart warms remembering those precious minutes of compassion and caring from such a little guy.


Rosie Morning Greetings

My cat Rosie doesn’t come for breakfast every day anymore and spends good portions of the day somewhere off by herself.

As a shy cat who needed to be around other cats to feel safe, this is a huge sign of her boost in self-confidence.

The downside is my “Wal-Mart morning greeter” isn’t there all the time with her friendly chirp and leg rubs to start my day.

I think my eyes light up bigger than hers on those rarer occasions now when she wants to check out the menu and come running towards me in the morning.


Moments like these can far too easily slip by unnoticed or get lost in glare of the big shiny ones.

But to cherish them is to hold them as weightless gifts of instant joy.

You bring the past into the present through the Isness of the moment rather than the weight of  baggage.


Savouring and gratitude lean more towards being experiences of the now.

Cherishing is the choosing to deepen your connection with specific moments without attachment.

They take us into the freedom and transcend time and space.


Would love to hear your most cherished moments!


Do you think we could create a wave of joy by sharing a moment as well on Facebook or Twitter and tagging with #blisscherish to find each other?




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Lorraine Watson Follow Your Light

Blissed by cats, potatoes and clouds, Lorraine is a “curious left-brained creative big picture idea” type who never stops questioning or connecting the dots to make possibilities come true. She uses her knack for combining intuitive abilities and logic to help you hear the inner whispers “there’s something more” and re-ignite what Lights you up. Lorraine’s deepest wish is for you to be full out yourself in everything you do – a life truly lived in bliss. You can also join her weekly look into the everyday with Letters From Home.




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