Crap!! It is Friday!!

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

"Take A Breath" by Cassie Hartwell
“Take A Breath” by Cassie Hartwell

Crap!! It is Friday!!

Take a breath, Linda, you forgot. It isn’t the end of the world and if I write quickly enough I can have it in her hands lickety, split.

You see today is Friday, my turn at Bliss Habits. I just received an e-mail asking where my contribution was. S**t, I can’t believe I forgot. I had promised to have it in by Wednesday.

Take a breath-another one because if I am all contracted I cannot write and The Group feels like they are moving through traffic on a racetrack.

How many times are you feeling like that?

Take a breath! Our breath grounds us in the moment. It lets me know that here I am in this body, right now!

So if I can calm myself with my breath whenever I am in a situation that requires immediate action, then I stand half a chance at getting done what needs to be done!

Take a breath Linda-breathe!

Your breath connects you with you and with all of humanity. (You didn’t see that coming did you?) The air you breathe is the same air that everyone else breathes. The winds on planet earth move it all around and somewhere along the way you are breathing the same molecules of a peasant in rural China. You are breathing the outbreath of the people that surround you immediately. Now if your breath is part of you and it carries your essence with it, then perhaps you want to make that essence sweet-even if it does smell like garlic sometimes.

You are breathing the air that the dinosaurs breathed. You are breathing the air of saints and sinners and it is being filtered through your very body and you are adding your own particular energy to it as you breathe out! This is pretty wild stuff we are writing about here.

So to take it a step further, what if when you walk in a room, the very air holds all the information that people hold from everywhere they have been and everyone they have been with. Stranger things have happened.

We want you to play with this concept. Moms instinctively breathe in their baby’s breath. Do they know something? They do!

Some of you deliberately breathe in your lovers breath or a puppies breath or the breath of the plants…yes plants breathe!

So dear ones, we have given you a lot to think about-we encourage you to play with these ideas and perhaps ask how can I use this information. We can hear you-are you telling us that we can use this? Can we actually access the information that a breath holds?

Yes you can, dear ones and it is in the play of it that you can begin to discover the unseen world of breath. So breathe dear ones and know that it can be a joyous experience to be with your breath because in that moment that you are with it-without distractions-we are easily accessible as is so much more.

Go For The Joy
Linda and The Group


Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

Join her each Friday on Bliss Habits for an inspiring take on each of the habits.


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