Creative Prompts are back! Have some Fun and Play Along!

Last Creativity week I shared a bunch of Creativity Boosts with you, including my dear friend Jaye’s Creative Prompt project. The project aside, I think anyone interested in fostering creativity should listen to Jaye as often as possible. She has been at the creativity game for a LONG time, it sort of leaks out of her in marvelous and magical ways. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Who do you owe a real letter? In this post I tell you how we met and how her creativity has helped us to remain friends for over 25 years.
  • Everything A Masterpiece? In a this post from her own blog, Jaye discusses how feeling like everything should be a “masterpiece” can hold back creativity.

Last time, Jaye was taking a short hiatus from the project but I am here to report today that it is back and she is inviting Bliss Habits Readers to play along. Here is what she has to say about the project:

Each week we commit to be creative.

A creative prompt is given and we interpret that into a drawing, a doodle, a collage, a photo…any kind of creative work that suits you. We can design a quilt, make a sculpture from marble or Sculpey, mold something with clay, paint, or write anything we want in response to the prompt. There are no rules on medium or method. The idea is to develop a regular art practice.

If your week is crazy, post a previous art piece and let that inspire you and others.

How to Join: Feel free to join in by posting your artwork somewhere on the web (blog, website, Flickr) and then making a comment in the relevant creative prompt post’s comment area including the direct link to your artwork. You can post your responses to the AQ CPP Flickr Group. You may copy the Creative Prompt Logo image and post it on your blog or website as well. If you do that, link it to this page so others know how to join.


I really love the idea of a creative prompt. It reminds me of another creative idea. When you are struggling with coming up with any new ideas about anything, a sticky work problem, a plot twist in your latest short story, color selection for next great masterpiece. Really just about anything. You should try going to any book you have lying about, open it randomly and point to a word or phrase. Consider that new word as you mull over your situation. In every case you will find your self seeing something new.

The act of injecting something new, occasionally absurd, into your thought process helps to break  the loop one’s brain can get stuck in when considering a problem. Anytime I have tried this it has worked to get me unstuck!

A creative prompt works in a similar fashion and by following along and applying Jaye’s Prompts each week you will have a direct experience of being creative . In previous weeks Jaye has shared a word, a single word (working much like my book inspiration) in it’s multitude of iterations. This week she is trying something different. The inspiration is an image, this beautiful image:

Click on the photo to go to Jaye's Creative Prompt page!


Wow, that blue!

Those shapes!

My mind is already spinning. My daughter and I already had plans to spend part of the day in our craft room and I can see glass beads and cobalt blue tissue paper in our future!  I’ll be back to update this post with pictures of our creations when we are done. I’ll also be sharing our creation over at Jaye’s site, along with all the other participants. Will you be playing along too?

This week’s Creative Prompt Page

The Creative Prompt Inspiration Page

 Jaye’s Artquiltmaker Blog

Come on! Have some Fun and Play Along!

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  1. Creative prompts are wonderful things – especially when you are not in the right frame of mind. It’s always great to get a helpful boost!!! 🙂

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