Creativity + Whimsy + $100 #Etsy spending spree to win (could it get more blissful?)

Why yes it could, get more Blissful that is, because I have that creative enchantress herself, Jennifer Ingle, with us today. Okay so many of you know her as Jingle since she hails from her awesome whimsical lair Just Jingle, however I currently prefer Jennifer because some where along this fun and happy bloggy path we became friends. I remember way back to my old Everyday Bliss (The blog I had before Bliss Habits) days when it seemed positively outlandish that someone other then my best friend or neighbors might visit my blog, Jennifer was there. Encouraging and fun and always there with a comment that made me want to keep going and sparking my creative side with her marvelous projects.

Those of you who know her know exactly what I mean, and if you don’t know her, I heartily encourage you to change that and head over to her crafty, arty super fun blog and say hello.

Did I mention that there is an Etsy spending spree? Oh yes I think we had that covered from the beginning… shall go ahead and get started then? First here is Jingle with the Creativity and Whimsy:

Creativity and Whimsy go Hand in Hand!

They really do, you know. Whimsy seems to be at the very heart of creativity…it drives you. It’s a spark that ignites an idea that the mind simply captures and explores and then outputs in some kind of art form. That could be anything from a song, a written work, a painting, a sculpture, or so much more! But whimsy truly is at the heart of it all.

I create. It’s what I do. It’s a HUGE part of who I am. I do a lot of things that most would categorize as ‘crafts’ and I also do a few things that most would call ‘art’. I also do a few things now and then that many would simply call ‘WEIRD!’ LOL! I’m okay with that. Actually, I’m more than okay with it. I LOVE IT! I love that I have various ways to express each and every whimsical rant my imagination carries me on! I love that I can simply do whatever I want! I love that I have no boundries.

You see, that is another way that whimsy expresses itself. No Boundries. My whimsy carries me to try new things, to discover new worlds within my very own imagination and to express those things in whatever way my hands lead. I believe that all of us should be driven in that way. Why do we build walls to stand in the way of our creativity? Why do we make rules? Toss the rules out the window and explore that WHIMSY! Let it guide your creativity, let it be everything it wishes and hopes to be, let it EXPRESS!

Today, I have an art doll to share with you that I made some time ago. I chose to share this doll with you for two reasons…one, he was driven ENTIRELY by the spark of Whimsy fueling my Creativity, but more than that, he represents the very essence of whimsy, of no rules, of no boundries – he follows that spark EVERY TIME! My friends, here is my Mad Hatter….

Thank you for taking the time to listen today! And a HUGE thanks to Kathy for inviting me to be a part of this celebration! Those of you who know Kathy know that she, too, exemplifies Whimsy and that is reflected beautifully in the adventurous daughter she is raising to become such a beautiful, creative soul!

Jennifer Ingle


Thank you so much Jennifer! You really are too much in the most delightful way. Thank you again for all the support over the years and for filling the world with your blissful creations!

And now, how about a spending spree?

$100 ETSY Shopping Spree

Winner of this can spend up to $100 in the ETSY shop or shops of their choice!

Bonus: If you buy from a shop featured in any Bliss Habits post you will get an extra $25 ($125 Total) to spend!

How to win this amazing shopping spree

1. Leave a comment about how you let your whimsy and creativity fly!

Bonus Entries:

2. In a separate comment tell us what you would do with the money if you were to win.

3. “Like” the Just Jingle facebook page if you are new to her and like the Bliss Habits facebook page if new to me! Let us know here that you did! (Extra Karma points for doing both!)

4. Tweet the following:

I just entered to win a $100 #Etsy spending spree in the @BlissHabits Blogversary #apolooza

Do all four and you have four chances to win!

Winner will be selected at random from all entries received by Saturday, June 2, 2012

We have a winner!! Congratulations Alex!!

Check out the complete Blogversary-apolooza giveaway list and learn how you can double your chances!!

Good Luck!!

77 thoughts on “Creativity + Whimsy + $100 #Etsy spending spree to win (could it get more blissful?)

  1. How do I let my creativity and whimsy fly? I wear odd socks and look to see something unusual everyday. I pretend I am 5 again and play ‘what happens when I do this’. I remind myself it is about the journey and not the destination and so I may as well give life a whirl!

  2. If I won I would try to spend the money in several Etsy shops to spread the love as far as possible. I’d look for things that would inspire my imagination, feed my love of texture and colour and spark new ideas. I’d buy from favourite shops, but also look for new ones. I’d blog about what I bought and link to the shops, because good places need sharing.

  3. charlene says:

    Whimsy? Fun jewelry and cute things tucked around the house–tiny fish by the phone, cute doll near my calendar and the Hulk on the bookshelf.

  4. charlene says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway and I think I might spend the money on a variety of shops and not just one…I love all the art available and might get a little something for the house. And gifts! My daughter’s graduating from h.s. in three weeks–I’d like to get her something unique! Thanks for the chance!

  5. how do i let my whimsy and creativity fly? … by watching for cues from my two daughters! what attracts their attention, what makes them smile, what makes them curious…those things bring new “wonder” into my mind!

  6. Well I am triple the excitement, inspiration and whimsy to have found Jennifer Jingle on WOYWW…and now to have found Bliss Happy. This is so me–I’m all about bliss and whimsy, and now a chance to win an Etsy shopping spree. It simple doesn’t get anymore blissful on a Wednesday! Thank you for the spoonful of bliss today!

  7. I have to say that shopping on Etsy does help my whimsy fly, along with visiting my favorite blogs. But, if I were to win the Etsy prize, my shopping spree would include some of the beautiful embroidery patterns you can find there, along with an amazing owl cross-body purse for my daughter for her birthday and graduation. She LOVES owls, and she worked very hard for all of her achievements in school and I would love to treat her to some whimsy!

  8. I let my whimsy fly by playing with my son, and when I write poetry.
    I let my creativity fly when I write posts for my blog Failing at Haiku.
    I write all different forms of poetry but I really like playing with haiku. My blog lets me be really creative, I am glad I started one.

  9. I let my creativity and whimsy fly in several ways: I look for creative ways to decorate my home and to garden in fun containers, I make beautiful jewelry out of crazy stuff, I love to cook wonderful gluten free food, I watch my animals and interact with them all day long (dogs, cat, chickens!), I do nice things for my parents, and I volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America! Hanging around with young boys really stretches your whimsy muscles!

  10. Miriam Prantner says:

    I let my creativity and whimsy fly by staying up into the wee hours of the morning creating…..the later it gets, the more whimsical things start to become, ha ha.

  11. Miriam Prantner says:

    Oh, there are so many ways I might spend this. The most likely is some great craft supplies: ribbons, trims, washi, etc. BUT, I’m also partial to jewelry, and have also been eyeing some Family Rules Subway art.

  12. I just love Jingle!!! So whimsically tastic! My whimsy is all around me everyday! Playing with the children is whimsical and freeing exploring our imaginations and just being our fun filled selves… I love being whimsical with crafts too, its like making a beautiful happy world that I can explore on my own. Thank you so much for the chance!

  13. I would love to pick up some homemade embellishments for my crafting… there are sooo many talented people out there who make some of the most beautiful paper and non paper embellishments that I can just picture on my LO’s/cards/home decor! Thanks for my chance!

  14. Melanie B says:

    I go through the clearance racks for old prom dresses at JCPenny and the Limited and buy fluffy short dresses to wear whenever I feel like being a princess, like when going on a date to one of the fanciest restaurants in Big Rapids, MI (Ruby Tuesday). People are often asking me what the special occasion is, and I like to say, “Oh nothing, this is just how I dress.” 🙂 There is no reason not to feel like a princess!

  15. Melanie B says:

    As to how I would spend one hundred dollars etsy, I would love to be able to buy some unique pieces of jewelry. I had to impose an embargo on jewelry this year because I love it so much and was spending too much money on it!

    • Melanie B says:

      I also liked both of the facebook pages and tweeted! Love this website, thanks for spreading abundance!

  16. Embrace your weird woman!! YAY!! Oh Jingle, you know I adore you already…it is just another reason to celebrate that here.

    And my whimsy? Oh goodness…when it is there, it is THERE. Dancing to MJ’s “Scream” to let off steam, collecting bits of everything (nature, “trash”, etc) to use in my art or just rearrange as a collage while bored, …sidewalk chalk with the kids. It’s all about the whimsical practice (makes me want to do something right now just thinking of it!!)

  17. What would I do with the money if I won? Spend hours and hours wandering around Etsy and falling in love. I have so many things I want to purchase from there – it would have to be an entire evening of blissful browsing before I decided to just hit CLICK to buy!! 🙂

  18. Terri S Crum says:

    I let my creativity & whimsy fly by trying to be unique in the way I dress…also the way I decorate my home!!

    tlcrum06 @ att dot net

  19. Terri S Crum says:

    If I won this giveaway I would probably be selfish & by something for myself…I just love shopping in the different ETSY shops!!

    tlcrum06 @ att dot net

  20. Alex says:

    I need to get better about following my whimsy! But I find that I get cranky and bored if I don’t take time to let a little creativity into my life. I love home projects, such as revamping furniture. And of course, playing with my children is always whimsical and creative.

  21. Alex says:

    I’m not sure exactly what I would spend the etsy spree on, but maybe on some gifts that would add whimsy to others’ lives! I love etsy – just window shopping is fun and inspiring!

  22. Efsun Alper says:

    Really fun doll Jennifer! I totally agree about whimsy fueling creativity. I leaned on both in my acting days. Now whimsy plays an even bigger part, when I’m teaching kids. It’s a pre-requisite really. Thanks for the lovely post!

  23. How do I let my creative whimsy fly? I just recently completed the most awesome project ever. I was asked to create seven iconic fairy tale characters for a fellow etsy seller’s new fragrance line. It really opened me up to seeking new ways to create these girls – to envision how I would like them to be. Each girl had such a distinct personality and I found so much joy (as well as some artistic stress) in creating them! Am just starting to share them now with the world, and I am so touched that they have been receiving such a warm welcome. It was truly a gift to be given this opportunity to share my personal whimsy with the world!

  24. How fun is this! I love it!
    I let my creativity fly by letting go of any expectations I have for the outcome. Whether it’s through painting or writing, when I release putting boundaries around how it’s “supposed to turn out,” I give myself the freedom to create without abandon! 🙂

  25. Lana Phillips says:

    I let my whimsy and creativity fly by surrounding myself with people who embody that spirit within themselves!

    I don’t know what I would buy with a Etsy spending spree, but it sure would be fun choosing! I could surround myself with happy things!

    I follow both Facebook pages, and I will tweet right now too!

  26. Melissa H. says:

    How do I let my creativity and whimsy fly? I like to buy a couple of bouquets of colorful flowers at the supermarket and arrange them in several pretty vases. 🙂

  27. Melissa H. says:

    If I win, I’ll either get some cute jewelry or some wall art. Can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is!

  28. If I win, it will be tough to decide which Etsy shop to spend the money at. I’ve been looking at jewelry holders and jewelry, but I might instead go for a custom plus size top.

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