Do you overflow with being alive?

Welcome to The Month of Living Hapfully!

We tried it last year and LOVED it, so…  For the first  second time here at Bliss Habits we will be spending an entire month on ONE habit (and a made up one at that!)

hapfull 500

Instead of our weekly stroll through the habits, the entire month of August is devoted to being hapfull.

In the coming days I will share the origin story of this idea, introduce you to the inventor of this fabulous new word, and generally do what I can to promote a hapfull way of life.

Different from our usual scheduled way of doing things around here we are taking a summer break from structure. We will be posting when we feel like it and taking time to get out and enjoy some hapfull adventures! The daily conversation and sharing on our topic will happen over on the facebook page.

If you do not already follow our Facebook Page, I recommend that you do so now.

As a part of our Hapfull Celebration we are inviting you to share your Hapfull tales too. If you’d like to to do a guest post or share something Hapfull in the comments , that would be marvelous!

In big ways and small, we’re encouraging an exuberance for living. I do hope you’ll join us!

The gorgeous word Hapfull was invented by Jackie Walker and is now included in the Urban Dictionary!

13 thoughts on “Do you overflow with being alive?

  1. Joy is like a flower the more we cultivate it the more it grows.
    When we overflow with joy and happiness this becomes naturally contageous to others around us we become magnets of prosperity abundance and ..hapfulness.

  2. I like the new word ” Hapfull”…It carries a feeling of happiness and fulfillment in life!…..I am looking forward to future posts ……Patricia is right happiness is contagious and creates a positive outlook in all life’s challenges….Smokey

  3. Really liking this idea of focusing for a whole month on one habit, Kathy… and especially a made up one… LOL! Hapfull… It’s a happy thing! ;o) I can’t to enjoy it all here this month!

  4. I like the idea of “hapfull”. Happy and Full of life. The good part of it is that it is a choice we make. I choose to be hapfull along with all the readers here this month and always. When things are not so exciting, I will still choose to be hapfull. Thanks for the new word Kathy.

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