Does this nourish me?

"Nourishment" by Tamara Magnitsky
“Nourishment” by Tamara Magnitsky


Welcome to Nourish week!

When I look at that apple I can’t help but think how perfect it is. It’s flesh made to nourish the little seeds if left to natures path or our body if we choose to intervene.  At its core (pun unintended but so perfect when noticed 🙂 ) pure nourishment for the taking.  Of course if our body is satiated another kind of nourishment must be found.


by January Handl

One version of hell
is each of us,
all of us,
the whole host of humanity,
the entirety of creation,
are seated at a huge heavenly
harvest of delicious food
the smells and sights tantalizing
our senses,
mouths watering with anticipation.
our hands and arms are
too short to reach our lips,
all efforts to savor
this feast are to no avail.

In the end
we must feed each other.
In the end
it is only when we
understand the circular nature
of our inflicting of wounds
and our most tender nurturings
that we can sustain this life.
In the end
it is only when we
can deeply feel the knowing
that what I offer you from the heart
is what I desire the most,
what I freely share with delight
is that
that nurtures my soul’s growth.

I watch my daughter nurse
my week old granddaughter
at her breast with the same
joy and peace we shared
so long ago, and I am fed
beyond what words can say.


Yes! “To deeply feel the knowing” is what nourishment is all about.  If we take time to pause and listen to what our heart is telling us we will know exactly what is needed.  A hug, a caress, an inquiry, a snack all have the capacity to nourish. This week our Bliss Initiative is to listen for what will truly nourish.

In food, it means choosing that which you KNOW your body needs, taking no more than that which supports your optimal health and choosing those foods that your health demands.

In relationships, it means giving what others need and requesting and/or allowing to receive what you need most.

In your soul, it means choosing the things that delight.. a new hobby, an old pastime, a good book, a welcome diversion, a secret shared, a flower picked, a savored moment, time with a friend.

As the saying goes, if it doesn’t nourish don’t do it. This week take time to ask:

Does this nourish me?

Feel the knowing in your answer… and do that.



Tamara and January are here each Monday to help set the mood for the week!

Tamara Magnitsky

My mission is fulfilling a lifelong desire to be a creative professional making a positive difference in the lives of those I encounter. Photographing unique personalities in a fun and relaxed environment. To challenge myself creatively, listen deeply and take a damn good picture.
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January Handl

January Handl is first and always a mother, has been a preschool teacher and parent educator for 25 years. She is currently lives in Aptos California AND simply in awe of existence.

She calls her photo “hot tub bliss”  🙂

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