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This post is part two of a six part series on how this blog was started.

When I first decided to do my experiment I considered using Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues. After all, they were tried and true. Then I thought that coming up with my own virtues would make it a bit more personal but thinking about picking THE virtues that I wanted to live by started to become very daunting. What if I picked the “wrong” ones? What if my choices made me shallow, mean or otherwise less joyous then I really want to be? It suddenly started to seem all lofty and not at all fun. That is when it occurred to me to pick something I wanted more of in my life.

I would follow the old Earl Nightingale adage “You become what you think about.” I would pick distinctions that have me “think about” what it is I want. So on to the next dilemma. What is it that I want? As most of you probably already know, I am a pretty happy gal. I have a wonderful husband who signed up agreeing to “Woo and Wow” me forever and I get to be the full time mother of the funniest smartest little girl on the planet. What more could I really want?

My inquiry led me to BLISS. I can remember some really perfect moments of bliss but could it, would it be possible to cultivate it as a regular occurrence? Something experienced EVERYDAY? Bliss is defined as supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment and somehow occurs for me as a special event. Everyday is defined as an everyday occurrence and somehow the two things could be a bit incongruent. Would cultivating bliss somehow make it ordinary or less blissful? I decided it was worth the risk. I mean what could it hurt if I end up raising the bar on what bliss for me is and if I only end up experiencing more fun and joy on a daily basis? Heck this is a game worth playing!


Next part three: What are the distinctions of Bliss?


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