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“Universal order and personal order are nothing but different expressions and manifestations of a common underlying principle.”
-Marcus Aurelius

Welcome to Week Two of Exploring Intention!

If you’re new to this series, feel free to check out the first two posts in the “Exploring Intention” series.

But here’s a bit of backstory:
For a while now, the concept of “intention” has confused me. Is it actual useful practice or is it just magical thinking? I was ready to write it off completely, but many respected authors, spiritual leaders leaders, and credible health experts advise that intention is a necessary part of well-being.

I decided that I needed to figure this out. “Exploring Intention” is not only my attempt to make sense of the concept of “intention” but also find ways to start my own regular intention practice.

This week I’ll be talking a little bit about setting intentions for order.

But first, an ever-evolving examination of intention:

According to the dictionary, intention is defined as “an aim that guides action; an objective.”

I don’t believe that intention is just a singular declaration or action. I believe, like most things that we work on inside ourselves, that it’s more like a multi-step process that involves multiples parts of our neurological systems. I’m calling that collaboration of neurological processes the “inner sense of intention.”

In my introductory “Exploring Intention” post , I compared intention to a car’s GPS system:

“Much like a GPS, if you tell your “internal sense of intention” where you’d like to go, it will (usually) tell you the reliable steps you need to get to that place- it’s honestly that simple…

The key is to continually engage in this process. Move forward, one step at a time. Setting an intention for something and then not taking any action is basically an exercise in futility. However, the more we connect with our internal sense of intention, and the more we take the time to listen to what it has to say, the closer we will move towards our goals.”

So it’s not just setting an intention and then letting it go, but actually tuning in for a response, much like you would when you enter in a destination to your car’s GPS system.

This week, as I practiced intention, I started to realize that my “inner sense of intention” seems to be a combination of intuition and practicality. This may not be true for anyone else, but for me it seems like these are the two aspects of my inner world that come together to collaborate when I start setting intentions.

Intuition is more passionate and gut-driven, while practicality is more of logical perspective on things. When combined, the two seem to give very powerful (and concise) information that surprised me quite a bit. But because the two are somewhat disparate, I never really allowed them to come together and collaborate. I’m interested to see if any other perspective “chimes in” as the weeks go.

What about you? Have you discovered that certain “parts” of yourself are contributing to your “inner sense of intuition”?


Setting an intention for order:

This week on Bliss Habits, the focus is on “Order”.

Order is a *big* subject, and it reaches far and wide.  But as I said last week: The most important definition of “order” is YOUR OWN.

And, as I mentioned last week, one of the keys of intention is being absolutely honest about where you are starting from. No matter where you *think* you are, your “inner sense of intention” will give you directions from the place you *actually* are. Just as a GPS system in your vehicle needs to have a true sense of your current location in order to give you the correct directions, your “inner sense of intention” needs you to be honest about where you stand on any intention you make so that it can lead you down the right path in life.

So when you set an intention, it’s a great opportunity to get honest with yourself bout how you are doing and how you are feeling. It doesn’t have to be specific details, it just needs to be honest.

For instance, with order- I’m not sure where I stand. So when I started setting intentions for order, I had to first spend some time *examining* the concept of order and finding my bearings so I could figure out where I wanted to go with it.

I began by pondering these questions:
– When you hear the word “order”, is your immediate response positive or negative?
– Is order something that comes easily or is it something that you struggle with?
– What does order mean to you?
– Which areas of your life could use more order?
– What PREVENTS order in your life?

I’ll be honest, I’m a fairly orderly person, so the word doesn’t really evoke any sort of response in me, besides maybe “yes, please.” As a child and as a teenager, I had your standard messy room and left my things strewn about wherever I went, but as I have gotten older, I have found value in the process of order.

Order is reliable. It’s nice to know that even though life can get messy, there are some things in life that are exactly where I expect them to be. So when I think of the word “order”, what comes up for me is a sense of familiarity and comfort, not necessarily a need for organization and perfection.

An area of “order” I do struggle with, however, is time management. I spend way too much time doing “busywork” and procrastinating and not nearly enough time on things that fulfill me or bring me joy.

For example, I spend way too much time on chores, errands, and taking care of things that don’t necessarily *have* to be completed right away.  Although my favorite thing in the world is to sit in my studio and lose myself in the process of creating something, if there’s something around the house that needs to be done, I’ll attend to that first. I’ll spend an hour shopping around for the best price on pasta but I won’t allow myself to have an hour to paint. Why do I do this? I know that it’s based on a fear of failure, but there has to be a middle ground.

So my intention this week is to EXAMINE the idea of “middle ground” when it comes to order and time management. Part of that intention is to observe my behavior for a few days and maybe uncover some information that might help me solve this particular challenge.

I jotted down some questions that came up as I was trying to figure out my “starting location” for order:
– What would be “good enough” when it comes to chores and what would be “good enough” when it comes to creativity?
– What would my idea of a balanced day be?
– How can I move towards that?
– What intentions can I make each day to shift in that direction?
– How can I remain motivated to continue to make those changes?

**This is the whole heart of intention- this question and answer process that stems from simply sitting down with an idea or a goal and exploring it. This is the process that will evolve into action- this is the work we do to make an intention an actual reality.**

If you already have a firm perspective on order and how you want to bring more of it in your life, then your intention can be simple and straightforward: Intend to bring more order into your life this week, one day at a time. Every day, ask yourself this:

What is ONE thing that you can do today to bring more order into your life?

(And don’t forget to consider JOY when setting your intentions for order! For instance, if I were going to tackle an organization project today, instead of tackling my daughter’s side of the art studio, I think I might just start with her collection of paints. I love handling bottles and tubes of paint, and seeing the colors, and thinking about the possibilities, and arranging it all into a rainbow, one color for each basket. So not only would that be a step towards order, it’s also something that would bring me joy.)

And if you have a bigger intention in place for your life (such as a big future goal) how can a daily intention for more order connect with that? Is there something related to order that you can do today that will move your closer to your destination?

And tomorrow, your goal is to start again. Begin tomorrow by setting another intention to bring more order into your life. And take a few minutes during the day to connect with that intention and see what your “inner sense of intention” has to say about it.


Quick Review:
– What parts of yourself come into play when you set intentions?
– Take some time to examine the concept of “order” and come up with your own definition.
– Figure out your “starting location” when it comes to order- do you want more order in your life, less order, different kinds of order?
– Ask yourself “what is ONE thing I can do today to bring more order into my life?”
– Can your intentions for order connect with a larger intention that you may have for you life? How so?
– Don’t forget to consider JOY when making your intentions 🙂
– Start all over again tomorrow and continue making small steps all week. 


How’s it going?
I would LOVE to hear your intentions (if you care to share them), as well as some things that bring a sense of order into *your* world.

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  1. Chel, I am really enjoying this series! I particularly like the part about figuring out where I really am before setting a new intention. I think I often delude myself into thinking I am in a place I am not.

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