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“It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion.”
-Dame Rebecca West

Welcome to Week Four of Exploring Intention!

If you’re new to this series, feel free to check out the first four posts in the “Exploring Intention” series.

But here’s a bit of backstory:
Four weeks ago, I started “Exploring Intention” in an effort to begin a daily practice of intention and observe the effects it had on my life.

This week I’ll be talking a little bit about setting intentions for passion.

First, a quick review of intention:


“By creating plans and acting on them you create an energy zone of clarity and power. That alone can change your life.”
– Martha Beck

When I started this project, I compared intention to a car’s GPS system. I believe that we all have our *own* GPS system built-in when it comes to intention, and I call mine the “inner sense of intention”.

Like the GPS in your car, our “inner sense of intention” will give detailed directions if it is provided with a destination. It’s pretty straightforward, to be honest. The beautiful part is everything is up to us- how far to go, how many steps at a time. It’s all a very interactive process, too- if there’s a snag, or life throws a detour our way, we can ask our “inner sense of intention” to recalibrate and give us new directions, and it will.

The big challenge is in finding the energy and focus and, most importantly, the TRUST to follow the directions.

For me, I am struggling with honoring my intuition. Intuition is a big part of my own “inner sense of intention.” Problem is, I’ve been fairly neglectful of my intuition for my entire life. I come from a family that favored hard work and practical thinking and problem solving with your hands. I was never taught to tune into my intuition, listen to it, and maybe trust it a little. So this is all very new for me, and I find myself constantly questioning what it has to say, the directions that it reliably spits out when I tell it where I want to go in life.

And this ties into this week’s Bliss Habit: Passion.



Setting an intention for Passion:

One of the most important things about intention is being honest about where you are starting from and where you want to go. Again, I’ll refer to the GPS analogy: if you type in the wrong address in your GPS, you’re not going to get to where you want to go. And if you override the GPS’ settings, and type in a starting point that’s not close to where you are, your GPS is not going to give you reliable directions.

This is where *I* had an issue this past week. All along I have been fairly comfortable with both the starting point and the destination that I have set for myself. I didn’t embellish, and I didn’t have a detailed idea of where I wanted to go. I just took an honest stock of my life four weeks ago (and every week since) and went with it.

But this week I had a strange experience- as a result of this whole exploration of intention, my destination has changed. So has my starting point.

I assumed that I wanted to head in the direction of some culmination of creativity and business. Maybe get that Etsy shop open and settle on a firm schedule for making jewelry and drawing and move towards that by taking business courses and engaging more in the creative-business community. But I realized this past week that I’m not sure if that’s my passion anymore. For years, my goal has been to organize the Etsy shop. I have the pieces, I have the technique, I even have customers. But I haven’t gotten my act together. So something about that made me realize “hey, this isn’t *right*”.

I’m pretty comfortable with my personal definition of passion, and that’s a good thing.  (As I have been saying throughout this series: The most important definition of “passion” is YOUR OWN definition of “passion”. What does passion mean to you? What is your idea of an ideal passionate life?)

But I think my passions have changed.  I’m not sure if I believe that a “successful creative business” is what I feel passionate about having. So now that I’m not sure what my destination is, what do I punch into my own GPS, my “inner sense of intention”?

I don’t know the answer to that. So I am just going with “my passion is to be creativity and spiritually fulfilled.” I’m positive that involves creativity, and continuing the work I do (I have not lost the interest or *tremendous desire* to make beads, or write, or draw, etc.) but instead of thinking about things like Etsy and networking and self-promotion and education, now I’m thinking more about well-being. I’m starting to think more about blissfully settling into the everyday life I am living and allowing myself to be fulfilled by simple things that maybe *don’t* involve a traditional definition of “success”.

I want to live as though every choice I make, every drawing I create, every bead I dye, every seed I plant, every hug I give my husband and daughter is done from a place of deep contemplation and joy. I want to enjoy the process more than I enjoy the outcome. I want to share that with other people. I want to inspire. I want to find something *deeper*.

So here I am, admitting to you that I have no firm and detailed destination to share with my own “inner sense of intention”. But I can tell you, my “inner sense of intention” is perfectly okay with that. It can handle simple requests for general areas as well as it handles a specific request for detailed directions.

So all week, I have been pondering the following question: What is ONE thing that I can do today to move towards my passion? (And feel free to switch this up for yourself, so it works for your particular journey.)

And don’t forget to consider JOY, ORDER, and CREATIVITY when choosing that one move towards passion. I’ve been trying to build on each Bliss Habit as I make new intentions. It’s been an interesting process.

And if you have a bigger intention in place for your life (such as a big future goal) how can a daily intention for more passion fit in with that? Is there something related to passion that you can do today that will move your closer to your destination?

And tomorrow, your (and my) goal is to start again. Just make a simple intention to have a more passion-fulfilled day than the one that came before it.



Quick Review:
– Take some time to examine the concept of “passion” and come up with your own definition.
– Figure out your “starting location” when it comes to passion- what is your idea of a fulfilling and passionate life? Or is there something out there that you define as *your* passion, something you want to incorporate more of in your daily life?
– Ask yourself “what is ONE thing I can do today to bring more passion into my life?”
– Can your daily intentions for passion connect with a larger intention that you may have for you life? How so?
– Don’t forget to consider JOY and ORDER and CREATIVITY when making your intentions 🙂
– Start all over again tomorrow and continue making small steps all week.


How’s it going?
What are YOU passionate about?



2 thoughts on “Exploring Intention : Setting an Intention for Passion…

  1. Karen B says:

    Excellent Chel! I constantly struggle with the whole ‘passion’ thing – I’m not sure that I feel passionate about anything much. Maybe I’ve just spent so many years dumbing down my bad feelings, that I’ve buried the good ones along with them, but even my hobby, crafting, isn’t something that I feel compelled to do no matter what. So I would say I have interests rather than passions – maybe I need to set an intention this week to uncover where my passions lie!

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