Fearless Joy All Wrapped Up in Moxie
-A Go for the Joy Message

Linda Adsetts is here with her weekly Go for the Joy message from The Group. Enjoy!

"Fearless Me" by Julia Fehrenbacher (click image for details)

After giving some thought to the word Moxie-Bliss Habits theme this week, I came up with this thought. Moxie is the ability to live life fearlessly. People with moxie face things head on. They ask the questions that others are afraid to ask. They come up soulutions that others are afraid to implement. They have decided that life is meant to be lived and not merely gotten through. When faced with a challenge they step into it, sometimes recklessly, but they manage to find their way through it, sometimes stumbling, sometimes falling but always getting up and moving on. They live fearlessly and I wish that I had more moxie than I do, but I am learning.

Children have moxie. They speak that which others won’t speak about. They ask questions that others, that have been conditioned by good manners will not ask. Along the way we lose our moxie and become more “normal”. We have been taught to not be so open-so fearless. Why oh why did anyone think this was a good idea? Some, continued on, despite our parents or maybe because of them. We tend to either mirror those around us or decide to do the complete opposite.

What would the world look like if more us lived fearlessly. What if we, each and every one of us, was determined to squeeze every last drop of life out of our lives? I imagine that we would have created heaven on earth by now.

The Group’s tag line is Go For The Joy. I tattooed it on the back of my neck as a reminder to myself. Perhaps if I had more moxie I would have placed it somewhere where I can see it every day-not hidden from the world-not hidden from my eyes. There is still time.

“We believe in living fearlessly. Everything that has been invented on your earth was birthed from moxie. Someone decided not to take no for an answer. Someone decided to live fearlessly despite the populace saying it was not possible. Each and every attempt made towards a solution for a problem came from a fearless place. Someone said to themselves, “I know this will work-I may not know how yet-but I will figure it out! You can go away with your naysayer thoughts-you can take a flying leap off your high horse-I am doing this!” And they did-sometimes quietly plodding away against all odds and sometimes with much fanfare-the world’s eyes upon them-ready to risk everything-even ridicule, in order to try it, to give it a go. They lived fearlessly. Each time that you step into that place of fearlessness you give another permission to do so-you often give ten times-it multiplies exponentially. Soon enough all of you will find yourselves living fearlessly.

Living fearlessly is being true to yourself. That is all you have to do in order to make a difference. It matters not what others think as long as you are true to yourself. The ones who do not like you-the you that is you, in all your wonderfully, messy, delicious, complicated, multi-faceted self will fall away and you will find the others who absolutely adore you-as we do!

Your journey on planet earth is back to yourself-fully and holy who you are-magnificent being of light and love-PERIOD-no ands, ifs or buts. WE LOVE TO REMIND YOU OF THIS TRUTH! There is not other reason that you are where you are. You are not out to save the world-only yourself and the miracle is that when you save yourself, you will save your world. Each of you has yourself to give and each of you is unique in your expressions-sometimes similar but never, never the exact same. In your uniqueness is your gift to yourself and to others. In your uniqueness is your offering. That is more than good enough for all concerned.

And of course the very best thing you can explore is joy-that is where you will find who you are. That is where your uniqueness lies-your beautiful gift that is you, will come from your joy. Not anyone elses’ definition of joy-but yours. It comes in all shapes and sizes joy does-but it feels the same for everyone. There is a lifting away of fear and a knowing that this is what life is all about. Joy-joyous joy-joyous, loving, fearless joy all wrapped up in moxie that is your full expression of you. We have immense faith in you and in our knowing we ask one thing of you……

Go For The Joy
The Group


Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

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