Feel the belly laughter!


I could share all of the health benefits of laughing, tell you stories about how laughter has been used throughout the ages, give you links to laughter yoga practices around the world…

Or we could just sit here together and LAUGH. Yeah, let’s do that one.

Come on, let’s see what it takes to get you giggling.

A few jokes to start:

Q: Why shouldn’t you tell a secret around a clock?

A: Time will tell.

I was wondering why the ball kept getting bigger and bigger, and then it hit me.

Q. What do you call a fish with no eyes?

A: A fsh.

(Try telling this to someone out loud.)


Any snickers yet? Okay, maybe just a few groans.


How about some comics and an awesome site:



(I laugh every.single.time. I go to this site)



You have to be at least smiling now.

Let’s get things really going – watch one or both of these:


(and a little clip from, “The Money Pit” – make sure to watch this until the end…)


There we are. Feel the belly laughter!

Pass this along…let’s see if we can get the whole world laughing together.








About Lisa Renee Wilson

I am honored to be your host for this journey! I am an Awareness Artist who shares her world work through Being Breath (www.BeingBreath.com). As a parent, artist, contemplative, meditator, yoga practitioner, introvert, runner, blogger, photographer, and iced-chai addict, I practice the art of mindful awareness throughout all of my daily activities. From playing with perspectives to playing in paint, no moments are off limits for exploration.

You can learn more about me over at BeingBreath.com, connect over on FacebookPinterest, or Twitter, or just stay tuned to hear insightfully honest stories right here at Bliss Habits!

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