Financial Bliss – How to Generate the Wealth Needed for a Dream Life

OK. I have been in this Bliss Game for quite a while. I have done some tremendous work in the areas of aligning my mind and soul with the activities and mindset that truly keep me much happier and fulfilled than the average guy or gal on the street. I am happy. Really happy.

And I would like to have more financial resources. There are charities I want to support, ideas I want to pursue and trips I want to take that all require more money then I have reliably been making.

My guess is you may be in a similar situation.

As blissful as my life is, it would be even better if I could reach a state of Financial Bliss.

I define Financial Bliss as having no personal constraints on the what, when, and hows with regard to the money I want to spend.

screenshot_20160923-101004One of my strategies for changing my Financial situation is to develop multiple streams of income which is why I am here today to introduce you to one that you too can take advantage of! I really think you should check it out. It is a crazy great (Pokemon Go potential +++) new game/app called United Games that also has an affiliate marketing program that I think is pure genius.

Imagine someone gave you an opportunity to make a commission off of every concession sold at a baseball game and all you had to do was to hand out free tickets?

That’s exactly what United Games is. No selling. No pitch. (<=== pun intended) Simply share a free app with your friends and network and make a commission off of the “concessions”. In this case “concessions” are in-app purchases, ads, etc. First ever business model of it’s kind.

Don’t wait! Less than 3 weeks left to sign up as an affiliate. Oct. 10th deadline.

Message me for details. (Find me quickly over on the Facebook Page)

Anyway, watch this video (less than 5 minutes) and if you have questions or want an invitation to join too just let me know!


Note: If you don’t think you are interested in being an affiliate but would like to register as a free player I can also help you with that.


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