Finding the Peaceful Power of the Breath


Breathe. In… Out…

Take your time, don’t rush it.

Be mindful of the air coming in then exiting your body.


Gosh, we breath every minute of everyday but how often do you pay attention? Of course it is a good thing we don’t need to pay attention for it to happen however when we do it can make an enormous difference in how the next few minutes or even the day go. For this reason today I am celebrating the calm and beautiful joy that is our breath.

Watching one’s breath, even for a minute or two can do wonders for finding serenity.

Standing in line at the grocery store, stuck in rush hour traffic, waiting for your child to get their shoes on, while sipping morning coffee, in the shower, literally it can be done anywhere!

How about right now?

Pause for a moment right now and take a deep breath…  Feel the breath flowing in and out.


Feel the breath, in and out.

One more time.

In.   Out.

Repeat as needed through out the day to maintain peacefulness.




7 thoughts on “Finding the Peaceful Power of the Breath

  1. Vanessa says:

    I love this picture! Serenity…in the moment! I often find that if I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, taking a minute to stop and concentrate on my breath really does wonders. Thanks for the reminder to just take that much needed break… 🙂

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