Friends Don’t Let Friends Nap.

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As an entrepreneur who works from home, it’s a challenge to balance work and rest. For some, it’s easier than it is for others. For type A’s like me, who tend to be workaholics, it’s much harder. While I don’t always manage it perfectly, I try to partake in restful activities. Here are a few I find beneficial.

Afternoon quiet time.

Find a quiet place where you can just be. Whether you veg out or meditate, studies have shown that regular quite time with yourself can lower your blood pressure and reduce chronic pain.

From series Fly : Rest,pause. by Cristina Ripper
From series Fly : Rest,pause. by Cristina Ripper

Go to bed early.

It may sound tempting to get stuff done after 10pm, but every now and then, head to bed early. Client work and/or the pile of dishes from two days ago can wait. Enjoy a full night’s sleep!

Engage with nature.

The fresh air and sunshine have multiple rejuvenating properties. So get outside and take a walk in the park.

“Autumn Walk” by Shawn Jack


Do something more than at Thanksgiving or Christmas. I Volunteer at a local dog shelter. Volunteering actually improves your mental and physical self. Giving back can rejuvenate you because you’re not doing the same activity day after day.


Start a journal that records your journey. Studies show, if you write about your stressful issues or traumatic experiences, it can actually help improve your immune system.

The only restful activity I find completely useless is the nap. For me, going to sleep is a total system reboot. After I wake up, it takes me awhile to reengage with life’s activities which, in turn, keeps me up past midnight. Thus, partaking in a vicious sleep cycle that makes me feel mentally and physically drained.


Autumn Tompkins is the head sass-master at ink well copy. She is a skilled copywriter who creates dynamic copy that captures her clients’ expert voices and generates genuine sales, turning maybe’s into most definitely’s.

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