From Hopeless to Hapfull

I am totally tickled to share this terrific post by the lovely and inspiring Rebecca Beaton.

“Her Dedication To Purpose” by Bryan Collins

I not so long ago attended a speed networking event, whereby soon after I received an e-mail from a woman I had met at the event who wrote, “I really enjoyed your upbeat, positive, and vibrant energy, and it was refreshing to speak with you at the outset of the evening.”

My first reaction was, “Who?! Me?! Maybe she has the wrong person…”

Words such as “upbeat”, “positive”, “vibrant”, and “refreshing” are not words I have often heard used to describe myself; I have more typically been described using adjectives such as “calm” and “quiet”.

The latter is not a bad way to be described by any means, but I’ve never really felt that those words embodied my true self. Upbeat, positive, vibrant and refreshing on the other hand… now that’s who I am! I want to radiate; and I want to shine my light and share it with every person I meet; I want to be truly HAPFULL.

So why was I so surprised to hear myself described this way? And what’s changed?

Well, I was once what you might describe as an unhapful person. I knew too much about the problems of the world, and I made it all too personal; every oil spill, every new freeway being built, every river being polluted, every species going extinct — it hurt my heart and I walked around with this giant weight on my soul.

I poured all my energy into creating change, because things had to change or that would be the end of human existence as we knew it; I worked hard to change our species so that we could save ourselves from own self-destruction.

The weight grew heavier and heavier, and people weren’t changing — at least not fast enough. I became angry, frustrated, and hopeless. I got mad at my parents for living in a big house and owning three cars; I couldn’t believe my sister actually bought a brand new car; I refused to fly anywhere on vacation with my family and so we all stayed home; I cried often about the state of the world.

Everything changed for me the day my Dad asked me, “Rebecca, do you ever have any fun in your life?”

My Dad saw the burden that I carried; he saw that I hardly ever laughed or smiled; he saw how seriously I took life. Yet, he remembered what I had been like as a child, and he knew my true self had not so much been squandered by the unbearable weight of the world, as it was squandered by the world view I was developing.

Things began to shift from that day forward, and I started to look inward.

I realized it is our inner worlds that creates our outer world.

My efforts to create change in the world “out there” would get nowhere unless people could change on the inside first. A spiritual shift needs to happen; a shift where we all connect to our Truth & our Purpose and live that out in our day to day lives. The changes that need to happen in the outer world will flow naturally from that.

It was a several year process from the day my Dad said that to me, to the day I decided to pursue what I love, which fell outside of my years of work in the environmental field.

I now do what energizes me fully, running my own business as a Life Design Coach, and helping others connect to their Purpose so they can do what truly lights them up in their careers as well.

By pursuing what we love, by seeking our Purpose, and living our Truth, we will transform the world in a way we never thought possible.

Now not only am I contributing to a deeper level of change in the world, but I am also living a hapful life — where I feel fully alive, energized & vibrant by the work I am doing. My happiness is no longer dependent upon who changes in the world “out there“, because regardless of what others do, I am expressing my Truth and no matter what, that is enough.

I am not “calm“, and I am not “quiet“; if that`s who I`m being then I am not living in alignment with my true self, because my true self is hapfull.

Your true self is hapfull too.

So please, it`s not always easy, but do not give up on whatever it takes to live your Purpose and to live your Truth.

To a hapfull life,


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Rebecca Beaton is a trailblazing guide, friend, world changer, speaker, writer & life coach extraordinaire! She specializes in kicking indecision in the butt, exploring possibilities for life, and helping socially-conscious, independent souls live out their unique Purpose with confidence & clarity.
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4 thoughts on “From Hopeless to Hapfull

  1. WONDERFULLY expressed… I could see so much of myself in this–going from feeling heavy with so much, to choosing the happy life. It is inspiring to make the choice! :o)

  2. Hi Rebecca, the article is also hapfull and I love the sound of the word. It’s good to be calm but not at the expense of hapfull. How I wish more of us can choose to be change agents and yet live a joyful life. Thanks for sharing.

    • Indeed, there is nothing wrong with calm, only if that is not your true self and your true self longs to be hapfull! Here’s to being a joyful change agent – thank you for the comment Ade.

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