From the Heart or Not At All

I am so delighted to share Sandi Amorim of Deva Coaching with you. She is a beautiful kick in the pants, there with just what you need hear type of person who I have been privileged to meet via Cigdem Kobu’s Personal Development Bloggers group. Cigdem stopped by last week to talk to us about Creativity and Sandi is the second half of the duo currently storming the internet with their 66 Days of Self Care.

Self Care! Something we should all know so much more about then we do. Yeah, Sandi is like that. Pointing the light at the things we really ought to know and making us glad we looked. 

Let’s see what she has to say about Passion:


I’ve heard it said that passion is a feeling of excitement and intensity.

I think it’s much more than that.

Live Out Loud by Marie-Chantale Turgeon
Live Out Loud by Marie-Chantale Turgeon

Passion is the feeling that you can’t not do a thing.

Or said another way, you must do a thing and to resist is to suffer.


noun: any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, such as love, hate, envy, etc.

Your childhood is full of clues.

Think back…

You knew instinctively what you loved to do; you didn’t have to be told.

You simply woke up anticipating doing more of what you loved, and if for some reason you couldn’t one day, a tantrum would ensue.

But you’re all grown up now and tantrums aren’t acceptable.

So your precious passion gets stuffed way down in favour of being responsible; replaced by the shoulds of the adult world.

And over time you’ve forgotten.

What if now is the time to remember?

If I gave you 24 hours in which everything in your life was handled and you could do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

How would you spend those 24 precious hours?

Not sure? It’s ok, it’s a common enough symptom of adulthood.

But it’s not too late.

Asking yourself the following questions will have you remembering, and expressing your passion in no time.


Are you up for it? Here we go:

1. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Think of the moments you experience when time flies.

What are you doing then and what has those moments be so satisfying?

2. How could you express your passion more fully?

Begin each day by checking in. What is longing to be expressed?

And what one action would honour your passion?

3. What regrets would you have on your deathbed?

Regrets are your clues to long, suppressed passions.

What message do your regrets have for you?

4. How was your passion nurtured as a child?

What encouraged or discouraged you? Both hold clues.

Where did you have unusual knowledge for a child?

5. What does your passion feel like?

When you’re doing that thing you love, how does it feel in your body?

Energized? At peace? Alive?

These are your clues, long buried by the trappings of adulthood. They are your keys to living a life fueled by passion.

You CAN remember and live this way.

You can wake up excited by the day ahead, eager to take on the world.

You can go beyond the limits you’ve become used to.

Your passion is inside, and it’s wanting to be expressed.

Let it out.

“do it from the heart or not at all.” – Jeanette Winterson




Sandi Amorim is a fiery coach and instigator on a mission to have you shine. She works with creative, entrepreneurial women who are tired of “someday” thinking and ready to take action on their dreams. You can find her sharing her passion at Deva Coaching.



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7 thoughts on “From the Heart or Not At All

  1. “If I gave you 24 hours in which everything in your life was handled and you could do whatever you wanted, what would you do?”

    Oh goodness, girl, I love the way you hit this nail on the head!

    I’m in a transition with the work I’m putting towards the blog as part of that discovery. But instead of ruminating and mully-grubbing about it, I could just answer the question above and GO FOR IT.

    Thanks as always Sandi!

  2. Sandi,

    What Kathy said about you in your introduction: “Pointing the light at the things we really ought to know and making us glad we looked.” – that’s how your post hit me.

    I read it the day the link was on your FB wall and have been mulling over your words of wisdom every since.

    What I realized is I’ve been living my passions often in my life – without realizing it. I was often looking toward the future – toward the end of the process, rather than noticing and celebrating that i was already IN the process, doing what I loved, and could live in that bliss – moment by moment, if I so chose!

    I made a list of the things I was doing at different times in my life that were truly my passions – and it blew me away. Now I’m hoping to use that list – and the excitement I got when I had this realization – to keep me noticing the path of bliss & passion I’m on NOW – and celebrating it.

    Thanks so much, Sandi. p.s.I love how you share your wisdom in simple, practical ways – you make it very easy to act, rather than have the information stay in my noggen collecting dust.

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