Fun in Stolen Moments

A Moment in Time

Every day is nothing more than a series of moments – some fun, some blissful, some stressful, some sad. How can you make the most of those moments, and how can they help your business shine?

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A Moment in Time
A Moment in Time by Anne Cathrine Nyberg

Each and every day, we pass through a series of moments. They’re easiest to see through the eyes of children – the joy in stacking blocks, the tears in skinned knees, the fun in spinning around and around and around.

But they’re all there, for each of us. Every single day. Every breath.

When they stream past around us, they’re a blur. The shift and spin of everyday life, of work, of things to do and people to see. Whizzing by, everything together regarded as a whole. A good day. A bad day. A so-so day.

But those moments that we take for granted as a part of something bigger?

That’s where the magic happens. That’s where the connections are made. That’s where the fun begins.

Look at what you’re doing right now. (Well, you’re reading this, I suppose. Or you’re slightly psychic.) What’s going on around you? What opportunities for fun, for delight, for awesomeness exist in this moment?

If you turned away from your computer right now, what would you find? Could you dig deeper into the project that’s currently rocking your socks off? Play with the dog? Connect with a loved one? How can you bring fun into your life right now?

Take five minutes and go do that. No, really. I’ll wait. Because you can do anything in just five minutes.

Stolen Moments to Better Your Biz

This concept isn’t just about the personal – it’s about your business, too. Those same moments? Without the buzz of your cellphone, the chirp of your Twitter client, the ping of Facebook chat…those moments are ripe for deeper experiences. Chances to connect on a personal level with a client you adore, to spend five minutes chatting about their world instead of ROI. Time to brainstorm about the things that will really make you happy and help your business shine. Time to make tiny changes that make your biz more fun, more fulfilling, more you.

And those little things? Those stolen moments? That’s the time that differentiates you from everyone else. When you love your business, it shows. When you enjoy your clients, it shows. When work isn’t work, but sheer fun – it shows.

So take another five minutes, and do something – anything! – to make your biz a better place. Steal that moment. You’ll be glad you did.

What can you make more fun in five minutes today?

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  1. Something I’ve been trying since summer, is during the midst of a work-a-day–take five… just stop what I’m doing (within reason, of course!) and take a break. It can take “one of those days” and really turn it around. Five small, but big minutes…wow. Great, uplifting post, Dani. :o) LOVE your new, short ‘do!

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