Getting PRESENT to Passion. 48 Things I am Passionate About!

Amazing! I originally wrote this post 5 years ago!! Seems impossible but as I approach my 52nd birthday I feel the truth. Somehow five years has past! And when I thought about kicking off PASSION week by sharing this list I started to wonder, “how many of theses things are still true? What may have changed?” So I’ve decided to find out!

While I am certain that many things on this list remain, (my Sweetie and Girl certainly still top my list and I will forever be passionate about sea dragons) But what else? I also decided I did not want to look over this list and be reminded of passions I have forgotten. I want this list to be my real passions here and NOW. So while I am writing this preamble and clicking on POST, I have chosen not to review my list in anyway. Instead I’m writing a new one, which I will share later this week. (Note: whenever I re-publish anything I usually give the post a once over to make sure that all the old links and/or any other necessary updates are made… this post will not get that treatment today so please pardon any errors you may notice!)

If you’d like to join me in this game, please don’t read any further. I’ll meet you back later this week and we can compare our lists. I’m gathering 52 things that I’m passionate about. Please feel free to pick your own number. If you are having trouble getting started then by all means refer to my list below!

In any case, here’s to PASSION and the joy and meaning it adds to our life.  I look forward to sharing with you on Thursday! make that SOON (Having a crazy busy week and just not able to get back to it yet!) How about YOU? Are you working on a list too?


I am feeling a bit like George Bailey at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life. SO MANY friends, from all parts of my life have stopped by my Facebook page to wish me a happy birthday. I really don’t get present very often to all the great people in my life. Even those old high school friends who I almost NEVER get to see remind me with their greetings that we have had an impact in each other’s lives. I remember sharing my first secrets and fears with those people and they were the ones who helped me navigate into adulthood. I really am the sum of all of them.

Like George, I think I have lost sight of the magic in my life and am using this birthday as my wake up call! Yesterday I was lamenting that I hadn’t let Passion take a front and center position in my life. This continues to be true however what I see today is also true. I have a lot of Passion for many people and many things but I just don’t give myself permission to get PRESENT to it very often. I worry that I will somehow get swept away if I let my emotions get too intense but today I am going to try it anyway.

My friend Lisa over at LifeUnity has written often, and beautifully, on this exact topic . Her blog tag line reads *it all begins with awareness but somehow the message really hasn’t sunk in for me! When I really take the time to be aware, to really allow the fullness of my feelings then Passion doesn’t seem nearly so difficult.

My struggle is NOT with having Passion it is with allowing it to be fully PRESENT. Frankly, at this point I still don’t have any idea what that even looks like. I have spent so much of my life tempering my reactions and feelings that even as I write this I can feel myself pulling back.

This, however is not the time for the faint of heart. The world needs people to be AWARE and PRESENT to their passions or nothing of substantial worth would ever get done! So I’m going back to my list (see updated one below!). Yesterday I couldn’t begin to fathom being passionate about all those things but today I see it is possible. The Sea Dragons are waiting. Oh, and since I’m now 48, I’ll add another: AWARENESS.


This post was influenced by Heather Plett’s  terrific post  What makes you a leader? on her Sophia Leadership blog.


As you look through my 47 48 things, consider for yourself what might be on your list. Getting present to your list will immediately spark a groundswell of passion. I am energized and excited today and I wish you all the very same!

48 Things I am Passionate about

  1. My Sweetie
  2. My Girl
  3. My Entire Family
  4. Great Friends
  5. Living in this day and age
  6. Clean Air
  7. Clean Water
  8. KIVA
  9. Reusable Bags
  10. The Precautionary Principle
  11. Heirloom plants and seeds
  12. Beating “Monsanto Lawsuits”
  13. Food Inc
  14. Baby Animals
  15. Baby People
  16. Sustainable Stuff
  17. The Landmark Forum
  18. ETSY
  19. Art Supplies
  20. Fairy Dust
  21. Good French Fries
  22. A Really Good Peach
  23. Non GMO Food
  24. Non GMO Shoppers Guide
  25. Trees
  26. Gardens
  27. Dirt
  28. Worms
  29. Comfortable Shoes
  30. AFS Intercultural Programs
  31. Human Rights
  32. Democracy
  33. Cloth Handkerchiefs
  34. Parenting
  35. Blogging
  36. Vacationing
  37. Maui
  38. Leafy Sea Dragons
  39. Mai Tais
  40. Stolen Moments with my Sweetie (aka Girl Free)
  41. XXX (for our eyes only)
  42. Kisses from my Sweetie
  43. Kisses from my Girl
  44. Baby Wearing
  45. Reading
  46. Ben Franklin
  47. Bliss
  48. Awareness

SO, what is on YOUR list?



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  1. I am SO happy you had a lovely birthday and received so many happy wishes. 🙂 Just remember, it is NEVER too late to live a life of passion. Never. I hope that your dreams of having passion and awareness in your life come true. Theresa

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