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I am very excited to introduce you to fascinating new weekly feature coming to the blog! Linda Adsetts is a medium who has found wisdom in her dialogues with her “guardian angels” (she’ll explain more in a minute.) I became fascinated by the messages from her “group” because they are always so uplifting, inclusive and speak clearly about how we all deserve joy. I then began to wonder what The Group might have to say about my Bliss project and was delighted when Linda said they would be interested in sharing on my weekly topics!

Reaching for Guidance by Laura Koniver, MD
"This painting depicts how it *feels* when I open up to my spiritual guides... " (Click image for details)


Hi, my name is Linda Adsetts. Kathy at Bliss Habits asked if I would contribute to her blog. “Why?” you might ask. Well the short answer is that I receive commentary on my life and the world around me from a non-physical source, spirit if you will. My knowing is that they are a gathering of spirit, a council to my soul and my guardian angels. Their commentary caused me, to begin to view my world in a new and more joyous way. She thought you might like to be a part of it too.

The beginning of my new world began in the late 90’s with a meditation practice that led me to the healing arts which in turn led me to studying mediumship at a Spiritual Church for six years. As Dorothy said to Toto, “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore!”

Four years ago my family and I moved from Ontario to British Columbia. I wanted to stay connected to the people that I had met through my business in Ontario called The Soul Spa. I had also participated in local wellness shows and facilitated spiritual events. Both in my business and at the events I collected e-mail addresses that I used to inform people of upcoming events and my musings about spiritual laws.

These voices have been by my side for almost ten years but in 2007 I began to work with them deliberately. Before that, I seemed to only receive information from them while I facilitated some readings (not all) or while I was in deep spiritual conversation with close friends. Though I can be very curious, I didn’t think to ask who these voices were until I began to write my weekly dialogues, about my new life in British Columbia and the challenges of settling into a new community. I also used angel cards to add commentary. I used them as a quick way in to receiving guidance.

My e-mail group responded positively to my writing. It seemed that I was addressing some of their challenges at the same time as I wrote about mine.

I was enjoying facilitating these conversations, but I was beginning to have a feeling that something else was at work with me. The words began to seem as if they were coming from a group rather than the traditional readings I was used to doing, which were typically conveyed through a more singular voice. Was I brave enough to give up the cards and allow these voices to stand alone? I took a deep breath and began to use their voice.

The Group was now officially part of my life. I decided on “The Group” as a name because it was simple. They were willing to give me a name-any that I chose, but I liked the simplicity of The Group. My Weekly Dialogue with my e-mail list began. The Group had stuff to say about life, my experiences and whatever I wanted an opinion on. They were willing to share with us a loving and joyous, all encompassing view of life on planet earth. The fun had begun.

My experience has been that the dialogues ignite remembrances of a broader perspective, one that is loving and inclusive. The feedback from people is that they are beginning to see their life through new eyes and that the messages inspire them to keep them on a positive track.

Five years later the dialogue continues with my e-mail contacts, my web-site Go For the Joy and on Facebook. I look forward to sharing with you, this loving and allowing Group’s commentary, to a wider audience through Kathy’s blog. They are quite excited about it too!

The signature sign off of The Group is Go For The Joy. They highly recommend it as a way of life-Go For The Joy-a message whose time has come.


YES! Go for the Joy! That is exactly what Bliss Habits is about. This is going to be fun!

To kick things off I asked Linda what The Group had to say about the Bliss Habits project and Bliss in particular. Here is what they had to say:

Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss” it is much the same as Go For The Joy. The message is being brought forth all over your planet by different voices in their own unique way. We are joyful in the expansion of this teaching. You cannot give from an empty vessel and as you go about your lives you often neglect your physical and spiritual vessel that you inhabit. It is what you use to express yourself in your life. It is what you use to offer yourself from. If the vessel is empty, if it is drained then your offerings will be poorer because of it. We encourage following your bliss and going for the joy as a template in which to grow your life on. Your expression on planet earth will expand joyfully and your contribution will be rich. All will benefit because of it. Follow your bliss-go for the joy; a message whose time has come.

I love it! “A message who’s time has come!” 

Join us each Friday for more from Linda and her inspiring group.


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  1. What a fascinating path! I love the messages received and the openness to all methods of receiving them. Go for joy, baby, go for joy. 🙂

    (and that artwork just makes my heart sing!)

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