Grateful for a Great Friend!

iChange by Lisa Wilson

Today I celebrate my friend Lisa, who is celebrating her birthday. I am so grateful to have her in my life and rather then keep her all to myself I’ve decided to share her with you!

Some of you may know Lisa as the beautiful artist behind the site LifeUnity where she shares her on going experiments,art, practices and life all through the lens of awareness. Generous, thoughtful and kind as she navigates through the waters of parenting, housework and love. Each of her posts leaves one wanting to be a better person. If all the people on the planet practiced even one tenth the awareness Lisa does we would be living in a magical place.

I am not sure how many months ago, it seems like forever now, Lisa and I decided it would be nice if we talked “live and in person.”  Taking our on line friendship off the pages of our blog and twitter feeds, and actually speak.  And now we Skype every week. Initially we spoke primarily about our blogs and what we are hoping to create with them.

We were each other’s coaches. Holding each other accountable for doing what we said we would do. In short time however, the someone to bounce ideas of off became one of my dearest and most treasured friends. I look forward to our weekly chats and arrange my schedule to insure we don’t miss them.

My daughter looks forward to the calls as much as I do because she has also made a friend in Lisa’s also four year old. The girls like to share art work and stuffed animals, so much so it is sometimes difficult to halt the parades of “Just one more thing” so that Lisa and I can get back to speaking with each other. As delighted as we are with this budding friendship, I think we are both happy that school has started again so we can get back to the calls we both love.

For those of you who haven’t yet met Lisa I offer you a few excerpts from her blog, which of course you should definitely visit.


I heard a quote from Elizabeth Lesser today, “A spiritual warrior is someone who feels life deeply”. As I deal with the tragedies – big or little – that face me, I want to feel them. Yet I want to remain with my self, my smile, and feel the flowing river of change washing through me, knowing that “this too shall pass”.

From Real Joy


As a yoga teacher (again, how cool is that?), a yoga practitioner, and just to honor my own values, I feel it important to live these questions every moment of life. I’ll still yell at the kids after hours of frustruation that I haven’t been able to have more than 5 minutes on my mat without getting kicked or run over by a “Mustang”, still get anxious that the dirty laundry is overflowing while I attempt to read my book on mindfulness, and still neglect to call yet another friend to set up a get together. But I practice, day and day again, continue to try for discipline, and look to balance doing and being.

From  Doing Vs. Being


Is there ever really a layer where we feel we can truly know someone? Is there ever a time when we can judge another – to understand that person and their actions and motivations so deeply that we are ready to assert whether they are good or bad, right or wrong? Do we even know ourselves this well??

I’ve watched Shrek enough times to know that the outside doesn’t reflect the inside. Often times, the inside doesn’t even reflect the true self…the ultimate Brahman, God, Goddess, true nature, …the one of which we are all part.

So next time you or I are ready to make a judgement, let’s try to peel away another layer and just see what we find.

From An Ogre Is Like An Onion…


I live my moments in reflection of the person I am. Every activity, no matter how mundane, is devoted to my JOIE DE VIVRE.

If I find myself not wanting to do what I am doing, I stop, take a breath, and either change course or develop gratitude that I am able to be here, now, doing this.

From My Life Poem. (Part 1?)


I loved the process of creating each page and the binding. I used a paper bag to cover the chipboard covers, (first having embroidered on the paper…I love the textural feel of that!), the computer to print quotes & some dates throughout, printed photos on vanilla paper instead of photo paper (to give a more aged feel instead of the glossy look), tons of stamps & distressing materials (ink & distressing edger) on the scrapbooking paper throughout, and my new tool….the Crop-A-Dile Big Bite! (Fun name, eh?) For those not into crafting, it is kind of like a binding machine…it cuts holes, puts in eyelets, etc.

From Gettin’ CreeeYative.


Simply put, I feel alive.

I cannot describe how exhilarating, yet how peaceful it feels to not only know who I am, but to publicly share it with others.  To announce myself through a painting, to open the door to the world of Awareness Arts.  I am thrilled to use tools such as yoga, meditation, creative expression, even re-learning how to do the dishes or eat breakfast…thrilled to do these in my own life, to share the journey, to teach the practice.

From My Local Debut And Revealing An Awareness Artist

Happy Happy Birthday my dear friend! I hope your day is filled with delights beyond measure!

I also hope the rest of you have enjoyed getting to know Lisa and if you have a few minutes, do stop over to LifeUnity and wish her a Happy Birthday!

4 thoughts on “Grateful for a Great Friend!

  1. Kathy, I am so sorry I did not respond here earlier…I’ve been sharing the love and totally forgot to do so HERE! I am UNBELIEVABLY GRATEFUL for this post – I cannot say that enough. I keep thinking I’ll find some poetic words that will convey what I felt (feel) each time I read this…but nope. Just stumbling over deep, heartfelt, tearful gratitude.

    Thank you. THANK YOU. thank you. xoxoxo

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