Habits begin “With This Breath”




Habits of Bliss – or any other habits – begin with what we do in this moment.

We start with what is, repeat and repeat and repeat, and create what will be.

But we start here – again and again. With this pile of laundry, with this bite of food, with this thought, …

With this breath.


Whatever life you want to design, the only place you can start is in this mundane moment. For those who do want to play a conscious and creative part in designing life, being mindful of this creative moment is key.

And I want to help.


For over a year, I’ve been working on developing a truly distinctive program that helps introduce and guide you into greater mindful awareness of and participation with life, as it is. 


The result is WITH THIS BREATH, a program that combines online components with multi-sensory learning … items mailed directly to your home to enhance your practice.

(Items include a custom-blended PRESENCE tea, handmade lavender-scented eyebag, and more!)


The program is based on a card set, designed and created from years of studied wisdom and applied practice. The WITH THIS BREATH card set offers 30 different practices, mantras, and contemplations to guide you into more mindful and ease-ful engagement with your life…without leaving your home, your partner, or your job.




For followers of Bliss Habits, this program is an ideal way to incorporate the many habits you’ve enjoyed exploring over the years. As you learn how to integrate practices into your life through WITH THIS BREATH, you can introduce any habit – nourishment, adventure, change, rest, and more – and practice it in a mindful, integrated manner.

An added bonus: For those who register by midnight (EST)July 7, 2014, you can sign up for an early-bird rate and have your materials mailed out on July 8!

And there’s no time like the present to start practicing presence (especially if you do it with the assistance of WITH THIS BREATH – due to the personal and handmade nature of this program, I’m limiting it to 20 participants!).


Learn more about WITH THIS BREATH by visiting http://www.BeingBreath.com/WithThisBreath .

Here’s to many Blissful and Mindful moments.









About Lisa Renee Wilson

I am honored to be your host for this journey! I am an Awareness Artist who shares her world work through Being Breath (www.BeingBreath.com). As a parent, artist, contemplative, meditator, yoga practitioner, introvert, runner, blogger, photographer, and iced-chai addict, I practice the art of mindful awareness throughout all of my daily activities. From playing with perspectives to playing in paint, no moments are off limits for exploration.

You can learn more about me over at BeingBreath.com, connect over on FacebookPinterest, or Twitter, or just stay tuned to hear insightfully honest stories right here at Bliss Habits!

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