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Now with a clearly established habit of diving into bliss, hiatus week looks like a good time to step back to see what else can be seen looking backwards to take forward.

In no particular order of importance other than what came to mind when, here goes …


See What Can Be Seen


Treasured Golden Nuggets

Tweets, shares, pins and +’s are the silver lining to writing, and comments are golden. In the often big silent expanse of the interverse, connection with others is heartening. You choose to spend your valuable time here when there is no expectation for anyone to drop by. For others to have been touched in some way by the thoughts I’ve thunk openly is … I can’t believe I’m going to say this … humbling, for lack of a new word to mean seeing-each-other-more-deeply.

As January wrote back in Community Week, the process of writing your heart on the page is an exercise in learning to stand steadfast in vulnerability. A share or a comment says “I stand with you.” For all those who have read, agreed or disagreed, passed along and commented – Thank You. The interverse becomes less ominous as we find our way back together.


What sparks you to connect?


A Mind Of Its Own

Each week was truly inspired. The longer I tried to write from my head, the sloggier writing became. Although in some cases slogging was required to clear out the mind field in order for the message to come through. At other times I was given a word, phrase or image to start with and all flowed easily from there. No two weeks were alike in process, ranging from the week I thought I had nothing to the week I really did have nothing. Surprises, snorts, laughs and light bulbs have all shown up too. As I’ve learned in so many ways, the more I get out of the way, the more inspiration shows up perfectly to lead on down the road.


In what ways does inspiration show up for you?


Same Page

Not that I’ve done a recount for verification, I’m amazed at the number of weeks each column shared a similar message, albeit through a different story. Either thought balls were flying furiously through the ethers to plant seeds or the message used the power of resonance to bring us into alignment.


What habit week resonated most with you?



Navigating our way through the flooding disaster across Southern Alberta over the last five bliss habits reminded me of the summer my dad died. Mere days before his accident I made a commitment to not drink for 90 days. (Not my idea, but I was poked and leaned in on until I gave in to Its suggestion.) During the many times I said “screw this”, the energy of commitment to myself from Myself kept me going. Continuing to write Living Bliss, when I could have all too easily asked for a reprieve, brought me back to that same place of being strongly connected to Myself.

The now was just a circumstance. The knowing of staying true and aligned to Myself was a far greater source of strength and guidance. Sticking to my commitments did not come from “I’ll show you” but “this is who I choose to be”. The declaration put a stake in the ground from which I could wander and always know I had a place to return to.


When do you feel most strongly connected to your true self?



My Writus Interuptus journey this afternoon to deal with another niggly detail revealed this puzzle piece. I knew “what’s next” was afoot, even though I couldn’t place a finger on what was already there. I even knew enough to ask “what is being asked of me now to be visible?” Ah yes, visibility – being called into even greater visibility from hiding out since about 5 years old.

With defenses dropped last week I outed myself to the Bliss Habits world. And I’m still here to tell the tale. As I was with other outings to smaller groups.

I hear, I know, I see, I feel things that aren’t mine, but for others. I know what universal energy can do. I channel something greater – what exactly It is I don’t know and I’m not sure matters. I don’t talk to dead people, or auras, read cards, records or charts. But there has been some fun with the occasional tea leaf. I listen and get in trouble when I don’t. I’m as plain as you get – shorts, jeans, t-shirts and here’s what I know. I love my infobits and can’t seem to shake left-brained logicalness when problems arise. The best of both brains maybe?

Today in the car I had time to notice the feeling of “so what, who cares” – the continued lack of struggle to hide a part of me left openness to forge ahead. “What’s next” just slipped quietly into past.


What inklings or knowings do you have around “what’s next” for you?


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Feel free to hang out on hiatus with us. The space is open for whatever is on your mind.



Living Bliss is a jump-in-with-both-feet look at where Life bumps into the everyday – whether at work, play or times in between. Bliss knows no separation in the end. From a deeper dive into the ordinary pops forward the extraordinary life we search for – and has been there waiting for us to be.


Lorraine Watson Follow Your Light

Not quite a crazy cat lady – yet? – Lorraine’s insatiable curiosity of life leads her to explore, question and push beyond the box. A self-professed “left-brained creative big picture idea” type, she has an intuitive knack for seeing possibility everywhere and in everyone, and is a moth-to-flame for being part of turning possibility into reality. More of Lorraine’s musings can be found on her blog.


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