How much simpler would your life be if you let go of some clutter?

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

“Letting Go” by Tammy Ricker

What would make my life simpler? Where could I simplify even more and do I even want too?

I am by nature someone that doesn’t hang on to “stuff”. Most of it belongs to someone else in our household. I take great delight in decluttering. It gives me a sense of freedom and space!

However, I have to confess that sometimes, I find myself looking for something and then remembering that I let it go! Ooops..

I get so caught up in the moment because as I declutter I know I am energetically creating movement and space. In the doing of that I am allowing for the energy to move freely, unencumbered by an older denser energy. Some of my stuff was bought when I was in a different space and time. It doesn’t reflect who I am now.

Some of the stuff perfectly reflects who I am because when I bought it, it wasn’t on a whim (mostly), and I took my time deciding whether it would add to my life. I would ask myself “Will this fill up my jelly bean jar?”

Give that a thought. Think about a jelly bean jar, full of color and sweetness contained in a clear glass full of promise, whether you eat them or not….they look pretty fun!

So when I look around my house I know that the painting above my fireplace always causes me to smile and the powder blue pedastal table that resides just below it also always causes me to smile. Never for a minute do I think of regifting those! I returned to buy those items because I just had to!

There are things in my house that don’t make me smile. I don’t hate them but if I had my rathers, I rather they weren’t there! However, I live with a perfectly lovely man who does smile when he looks at them. It is all about balance when you are in a relationship but I have told him that he cannot buy another wildlife print! Fortunately, for me, our wall space disallows for any other art to come in, until said animal prints depart!

You pick your battles when it comes to simplifying life. Whether it is your stuff or someone else’s stuff there is a balance to be maintained. That stuff can be material, emotional or spiritual. It is all part of life on planet earth.

How much simpler would your life be if you let go of some emotional clutter? You know the kind, the “stuff” that plays like a broken record and it often that trips you up. I found myself letting go of control. (Back to the animal prints) I love my home to feel and look a certain way and some of the prints don’t match up to my vision. But, as I said, I live with a perfectly lovely man, whose vision it does match. I had to let go of control as each piece came in. (we have about nine of them)

I discovered that it wasn’t worth my energy to resist the buying of them. However, I did find a better use for my energy. I found a way to incorporate them into my vision. It has worked out pretty well! It turns out it is all about balance.

The Group tells me this; Life on planet earth does revolve around the energy made manifest into material objects. Life on planet earth is about the emotions. They are your eternally human guidance system. They let you know where to put your energies and what you might want to let go of.

There is a lot of wasted energy as you resist a way of being for yourself and for others. Resistance is tiring and it only leads to more to resist. But, if you could find a way to be at ease with the living of life on planet earth, then your life would begin to unfold with more ease and joy.

Your emotions are your internal guidance system while you are busy playing at being human. Pay attention dear ones to the emotions that arise as you resist-as you fold-as you allow-as you give in to a whim-as you find things and ways to be joyful.

If you are filling your empty spots, be it internal or external, with “stuff” in order to feel good, then it will be a continual dark hole that never gets filled. But if you do it from a place of joy that is mindful of what arises in you emotionally and responds to those empty spots from that place, your life will become more joyful and hold more ease.

You are the creators, dear ones and you are dear to us. Some of us have done the dance of life you are engaging in and some of us have not. We have a nice balance, if we say so ourselves. (smile)

Go For Your Joy!
Linda and The Group



Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

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3 thoughts on “How much simpler would your life be if you let go of some clutter?

  1. Wonderful points to think about, Linda! These days I really try to take my time deciding whether to add new objects my life… Do I really need it? Is it usefun enough? Do I love it? Those are the questions now. The same goes for emotional stuff and energy attached to it. Does it serve me to hang to this or than anxiety? This person drains me, how can I gentle let them go? I aim to keep the flow even. :o)

  2. Zivana Anderson says:

    This is a great post. it’s so easy to take on more than you need and want. I feel you have to love it with all your soul to take it on, then it becomes fun!

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