How Passion revived my heart

I was over at my friend Sandi’s blog the other day and she had our mutual blogging friend visiting for day. I so thoroughly enjoyed Padma’s whimsical and poetic post, I invited her, and as I’ve come to find out, her good friend Passion too, to share here on Bliss Habits. 

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I read an article recently that said Passion is overrated in today’s culture. That she’s a culprit in misleading us to a sense of fulfillment. It seemed to suggest that you can’t get very far without Prag Matic being your ally.

Now, I have nothing against Mr. Prag Matic because I was married to him for many years. He paid our bills on time, always had a check-list for the grocery store, and maintained a very stable job that allowed us to buy our first house.

Then, Passion moved into the vacant house next door. Everything in the neighborhood began to change. She planted roses in the herb garden, which nobody thought would last through the snowy winter here, she painted the brown house yellow and everyday she’d watch the sunset from her rooftop.

She held dance parties in her backyard and was even caught swimming naked in the community pool.

As Prag Matic and I would have our evening dinners, we could hear the music and laughter that exuded from Passion’s house. At first I was annoyed at her because she seemed inconsiderate of the neighbors to be making so much noise at night.
Then I began to feel jealous because I wanted to know what she was doing over there that would make her laugh and dance every night.

Passion is a fragile and elegant woman but strong in heart. I learned many things about her including that she once had a family of her own.

She taught me how to listen to my heart and do things simply because I loved them.
She once held a dinner party and introduced me to Joy, who I later found out was her dancing partner.

We all became close friends, and my life began to change.

Joy and I have a daily appointment for morning tea and Passion and I began hosting writing workshops.
I saw that my life was not built upon a sense of love. I had married Prag Matic so young that I never allowed myself to see how creative, wild and free I could really be.

With Passion and Joy as my besties, I learned how to express my true creative nature.
They supported me in everything I do.

I’ve since divorced Prag Matic and I’ve started painting again.
Prag Matic treated me well, and got me far in my life, but he unintentionally kept me from shining my brilliance in the world. Not beacueause he didn’t belive in me, but because he didn’t allow me to take risks.

The heart has to take risks.
I knew I needed to jump to grow.

I divorced Prag Matic and moved in with Passion. She had an extra room in her house she let me rent out.

What I learned living with her is that:

1. You have to feel love for anything you do, even the smallest efforts you make.

2. Don’t intend to help the world, serve the world, and you make a greater impact.

3. You won’t fall in love with any one thing; one career, one child, one friend, or one project.

Passion taught me that I can’t settle on one idea and that she is constantly evolving into anything I am willing to embrace.

Passion, Joy and I regularly write blog posts for projects we believe in, like this one.



Padma Maxwell

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  1. I don’t remember who shared the link to this post, but I’m so grateful they did. Hanging out with Prag Matic always seems safer, but Passion and Joy are so much more enriching companions. Thanks for the powerful reminder in the midst of my cubicleland day job.

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