How to Channel Your Passion into Positive Momentum

I am just delighted to have Lisa Alessi of Renaissance Learner with us again. Last time she was here she cam waving her magic wand and today she is here to help us sustain our passion. In addition to her wise counsel Lisa is also generously offering one lucky reader a one-on-one coaching session designed to help you gain clarity and momentum to make your dream a reality. 

When it comes to achieving your heart’s desire, you may start out the gate thinking you have enough passion and energy to make anything happen but as time moves on, so many of us find ourselves losing motivation and drive.

I understand.  I’m a passionate person.  I’m known for leading with my heart.  I get very excited when doing something I love.

I used to tackle a project head on putting everything into making it happen only to experience heartache when I wasn’t making the headway I wanted and my passion would fizzle.

Passion alone is not enough.  You need to lead with more than just the intensity for what you want.

I used to work for a company that launched a new sales initiative every couple of months.  The marketing department spent oodles of time gathering data, creating new promotional material, and conducting elaborate training only to roll out the initiative to the sales force with little success.

They were clear on how to use the materials.  They put a lot of energy into creating and launching the new promotion but neglected to mention why the chose the strategy.

In the marketing department’s eyes, it’s obvious, sales people want to make more money and their research proved this is the next best tactic.

However, the incentive to make money is not enough to sustain motivation.  Dan Pink, author of Drive does a great job of describing the science around the evolution of incentives here.

To achieve positive momentum, you need to know the motivation behind the initiative.  What you do has to have purpose.

Why do you want what you want? Why do you want to achieve this? If you don’t do this thing, what’s at stake?

Once you’ve clearly defined the why behind your passion, write it down and look at it every day.   When you encounter an obstacle, remember why you are doing it.

Another passion killer frequently seen in the blogging community is burnout.

Laurie Foley, a brand strategist and blog coach starts her Blog More, Stress Less course letting her clients know it’s common for newbie bloggers to pour their hearts out into a series of 4 posts.

They’ll painstakingly put everything they know in to a series of initial articles only to abandon their blog 6 months later because it takes too much energy.

When you are passionate about something, it’s important to pace yourself and stay grounded to prevent burnout.

Take time throughout each day and note your pace.  Is your intensity too extreme? Are you letting other responsibilities fall by the way side?  Is your head spinning? Are you practicing self-care?  Just be aware and take steps to ground yourself when things go off kilter.

Another roadblock to positive momentum is the art of procrastination.

I recently had the opportunity to coach someone struggling to finish certification in a particular coaching discipline that required thesis level material.   He desperately wanted to move forward but every time he sat down to write he got stuck.   He was looking at the big picture and taking on the project in one fell swoop.

I worked with him to break down the project in chunks and found approaches to do it in ways he found rewarding and stimulating.  By crafting a doable plan that he could achieve in small doses every week, he found tremendous relief.

It was as if the heavy clouds had lifted and the sun was finally shining through.

When you find yourself struggling to move forward with something you are passionate about, it’s undoubtedly a sign you’re trying to tackle too much at once.

Find ways to break up the tasks to your goal into smaller steps.   Set small, clearly defined attainable goals that feed into the bigger initiative and more importantly, make sure you use methods you enjoy.

Are you ready to channel your passion into positive momentum?

In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”


Thank you so much Lisa!

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7 thoughts on “How to Channel Your Passion into Positive Momentum

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I think channeling our passion into positive momentum can be a very challenging thing. I think this is exactly why some people get really frustrated by the whole “follow your passion” movement. They hear it all the time, but don’t understand how to apply it to their own passion.

    I do not think passion alone is enough to accomplish anything. I do think passion can establish a strong and firm foundation from which we can build upon. I know that when I am passioanate about something I put in that extra little effort to make it right. Of course, sometimes I do get tired or fatigued and have to step back.

    i am new a blogger of a few months and I learned after about a month that it was really counter productive to work everyday. I now, do a “technology fast” every Sunday. The most interesting effect this has had on me is that I become SUPER excited about waking up on Monday so I can start working on my blog again.

    I’m going to go explore your site 🙂

  2. Hi Izzy! Your technology fast is a great idea. The idea of disconnecting from media and our work is essential to recharging our batteries — a concept that can be easier said than practiced, congratulations!

  3. Bridget Skjordahl says:

    You’ve read my heart once again, Lisa! What I’ve learned is that passion is my vessel, but it alone doesn’t fill my sails. Like you, I’m a Renaissance learner (love your term!) driven by thirsty curiosity. It’s been a fabulous (long) journey to arrive at the clarity I have today. Now, I’m eager and committed (dare I say impatient?) to set sail in the direction of my dream! But — not so fast!! I’m not ready to leave port until I have a chart that will keep me moving forward with focus. (I’ve heard you’re an awesome cartographer!) I also need help aligning with the “WHY” that’s powerful enough to overcome my natural contentedness, and sustain me beyond my maiden voyage and early success. I’m confident these two things will make the difference between dalliances of the past and fulfilling my right livelihood.

    • I love your voyage metaphor Bridget. Life is such an exploration and a map and a purpose tied to your intrinsic motivators are very powerful indeed! I’d love to work with you as you get ready to set sail.

  4. Oh Lisa, my passion has sat idling in neutral for far too long. I’ve tried defining, re-defining, leading, following… But still have yet to find that gas pedal. I’m revving to go, though, and would love the chance to spend an hour with you to get this thing started!!

  5. I love this post on channeling your passion. I absolutely agree with you that it is so easy to start out with so much drive and motivation from the excitement and then it gets lost along the way. I always share with people that we need to celebrate those little successes along the way to keep the motivation and stay lifted up. Thanks for so much great information.


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