How to live a creative life of adventure. Creativity tips from my four year old.

Welcome to Creativity Week Bliss Enthusiasts!

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.  ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942

If you looked around my home you would see a tangle of vines in the living room (the still in progress Jungle my girl and I work on from time to time), a patio filled with toy tents and unfinished stepping stones, a craft room filled with art supplies waiting for the next big idea. Looking from the outside I think you might think a highly creative person lived here.

You would be right, but that person is not me.


My four year old is the creativity guru in my house. From the moment she wakes up, my daughter is bursting with ingenuity and fancy. Everything around her serves as inspiration for the next great idea. A pile of laundry becomes a beaver dam or birdie nest. Two chairs and a blanket become a fort, a stage or a bridge. Breakfast becomes a restaurant dining experience in which bunnies and sheep become waiters and she the head chef. Nothing is as it seems.

I follow her lead and try to play along  but too soon that pile becomes the laundry that is never put away or that breakfast devolves to a frustrating  event in which I am coaxing her to eat and not play with everything around her. Yes things do need to get done from time to time but the perspective is what we can all learn from her.

When we are living our lives as one big grand adventure then we are really living. Adventure requires creativity. It means that we are willing to adventure into the unknown and deal with what ever shows up. My Sweets is always doing this. She approaches everything not knowing how it is going to turn out.  She lets the flow of the moment dictate what will happen next and she is not fixated on specific outcomes like I am most of the time.

When I let my life be an adventure, these are the moments when I am really living. My brain feels alive and I am willing to try things I haven’t before. Creativity flows in adventure.

I have been willing to let things get ordinary. The daily routines and usual things that we do as a family have become mundane. I’m grateful and appreciative but the zest that accompanies creative adventure has been missing. I think that I have to be doing something new and exciting rather then creating everything as new and exciting as my daughter does. I look for inspiration from outside of me, she finds hers from within.

This week I suggest we all take our lead from a wise and wonderful four year old.

  • Live as if everything is an adventure
  • Allow yourself to be surprised
  • See possibility all around you

and don’t let boring mommy’s get in the way!

Making the commitment to be creative can make all the difference. See what happens for you this week!

Let me know in a comment how your life is going to be an adventure today!


5 thoughts on “How to live a creative life of adventure. Creativity tips from my four year old.

  1. How is my life going to be an adventure today? Well, with a 1 y.o. and an 8 y.o. everyday is an adventure (but I am afraid the sensible & boring mama side of me does often get in the way…)

    A lovely post… bravo to Jessie… bravo to her not-boring mama, too!

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